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From Brixham To The Boyne (Double CD)


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1. The Old Orange Halls (Vocal)
2. Sons Whose Sires Of William Bled (Vocal)
3. We're Off To Join The Orange Walk (Vocal)
4. Dolly's Brae (Vocal) 
5. Loyal Heart (Vocal)
6. On Boyne's Red Shore (Vocal)
7. The Green Grassy Slopes (Vocal)
8. Ulster Flower (Vocal)
9. Village Of Harthill (Vocal)
10. Truly British (Vocal) 
11. We Are The Billy Boy's (Vocal) 
12. Wee Spot In Europe (Vocal) 
13. Battle Of Garvagh (Vocal)
14. Belfast Town (Vocal)
15. For King & Country (Vocal) 
16. Simply The Best (Vocal)
17. Bold Orange Heroes Of Comber (Vocal) 
18. Come On You Volunteers (Vocal)
19. Englishman's Betrayal (Vocal)
20. Down The Road (Instrumental)
21. No. 1. Platoon (Instrumental)
22. The Sash (Vocal)

1. No. 1. Platoon (Vocal)
2. Quis Seperabit (Vocal)
3. Shankill In My Heart (Vocal)
4. The Lily O' (Vocal)
5. Ulster Girl (Vocal)
6. King Billy's On The Wall (Vocal)
7. From Brixham To The Boyne (Vocal)
8. No Pope Of Rome (Vocal)
9. Finaghy (Vocal)
10. No Surrender Men Of Ulster (Vocal)
11. Orange & Blue (Vocal)
12. Ride On The Goat (Vocal)
13. Glasgow Rangers Medley (Vocal)
14. The Union Cruiser (Vocal)
15. Take Me Home (Shankill Road) (Vocal)
16. The Mid Ulster UVF (Vocal)
17. The Suicide Battalion (Instrumental)
18. The Ulster Story (Vocal)
19. Volunteers (Vocal)
20. Carson Of The UVF (Vocal)
21. No More Waltzing Matilda (Vocal)
22. The Sash Vocal Medley (Vocal)

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