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The Windsor Roar


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Track Listing:-

1.  Blue Pop Medley - Hey Jude/Na na na hey hey/Glory glory listen to our song.

2.  Linfield Love Medley - You are my Linfield/We love you Linfield we do/Wise men say.

3.   Windsor Medley - Blue is the colour/Good old Linfield/We're on the march with Davy's Army.

4.   Blue Medley - One team in Ulster/Singing the Blues/I'm Linfield till I die/Davy, big Davy

5.   Blue Brass Medley - The Great Escape/Vindaloo.

6.   Champions Medley - We will follow Linfield over land and sea/Glory glory Belfast Linfield/When the Blues go up to lift the Irish League.

7.   Who's that team they call the Linfield?

8.   Traditional Medley - When the Blues go marching in/We shall not be moved/Blue Submarine/Molly Malone.

9.   We're not so very many but we're loyal and we're true.

10.  Forever and ever we'll follow the Blues.

11. Fan's Medley - Ooh, ooh, ooh Linfield/Stand up for the boys in Blue/Stand up if you love Linfield/If you're proud to be a Blueman.

12. Every other Saturday's my half days off.

13. I've been a wee Blueman.

14. The Blue Flag.

15. Trophy Medley - Que Sera Sera/And now are you gonna believe us/Oh me lads.

16. Blue Christmas Medley - Noel/Glentoran are you listening/Jingle Bells 1 & 2.

17. Follow follow we will follow Linfield.

18. Hello, hello we are the Linfield Boys.

19. We are Linfield, super Linfield, no one likes us we don't care.

20. My old man says be a Linfield Man.

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