Eighteenth of December



Awake, you loyal Orangemen,
Get ready for the battle,
For popish knaves now scheme and plan,
And treason loudly prattle.
Unfurl your good old Orange flag,
Old Derry's Walls remember,
And tell those cowardly sons of Rome,
You never will surrender.


Then here's to the brave old 'Prentice Boys,
Who never will surrender;
Who celebrate their victory gained
On the Eighteenth of December.

When Gladstone rushed his Home Rule Bill,
Devoid of sense or reason,
Backed up by men he once denounced,
As steeped to the lips of treason,
'Twas then brave Ulster's sons declared
Their firm determination
To guard the rights their fathers gained,
And have no seperation.


At Derry, Aughrim, and the Boyne,
Our banners waved victorious;
At Enniskillen and Diamond, too,
We chased the foe before us.
And should they dare to rise again,
Pope, traitor or Pretender,
Old Scotland's sons will man their guns,
With shouts of "No Surrender".


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