The Ballad of Drumcree



My name is Samuel Corrigan, my friends all call me Sam
If you'll buy a man a drink then you can too,
I've got a tale of much importance in the history of our land,
So grab yourself a seat, I'll tell it through.

Well I'm proud to be an Orangeman just like my father was
Upholding the traditions of our creed,
There's many like us in the land that's loyal to the cause,
Though some would call it bigotry and greed.

T'was the 7th of July, the year was 1996.
When we set ourselves to march through old Drumcree,
But soon we found our way was blocked by police with riot sticks.
In this country of the pious and the free.

Now it was our right to march that way,
we've done for many years,
And we swore that we would never compromise.
And we faced them there five days and nights,
hate ringing in our ears,
But violence, fear and hate were our allies.


Free men we have always been and free men we will stay.
So stand you boys aside and let us through.
We've marched in our tradition and it's always been our way,
And we're free to do just what it tells us to.

The Twelfth it was approaching and the country lived in fear,
And held its breath to see what we would do.
Then the word came through from Annisley we'd waited there to hear,
"Bring down the barricades and let them through!"

"Your pipes and whistles must stay silent",
That was Annisley's demand.
But still our message rang out true and real.
We have the Right to the Remembrance of the wars that split our land,
And no-one has the right to let it heal.


Meanwhile down at Stormont all our leaders sat and talked,
They were trying to bring peace at any cost.
But surely you can see my friend the reason that we walk,
We don't want peace if our Traditions will be lost.

Well victory was won that day, let there be no mistake.
Though some would say the peace was jeapordised.
Our land may be condemned to years of killing and of pain,
But through them all we'll march with heads held high.


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