The Black Mans Dream A.D. 1795



One night I thought a vision brought,
Me to a spacious plain,
Whereon its centre stood a mount,
Whose top I wished to gain;
Orange, blue, and purple, too,
Were given me to wear,
And for to see the mystery
They did me thus prepare.

My guide a pack placed on my back -
With pillars of an arch -
A staff and scrip placed in my hand,
And thus I on did march;
Through desert lands I travelled o'er
And the narrow road I trod,
Till something did obstruct my path
In the form of a toad.

So then I saw what did me awe,
Though wandering in a dream -
A flaming bush, though unconsumed,
Before me did remain;
And as I stood out of the wood
I heard a heavenly sound,
Which bade cast my shoes away,
For it was holy ground.

Two men I saw, with weapsons keen,
Which did me sore annoy -
Unto a pyramid I ran
That standing was hard by;
And as I climbed the narrow way,
A hand I there did see,
Which layed the lofty mountains
In the scale of equity.

Blue, gold, and black about my neck,
This apparition placed -
Into a chariot I was put,
Where we drove off in haste :
Twelve dazzling lights of beauty bright
Were brought to guide my way,
And as we drove thro' cypress shades
One of them did decay.

Near to a mount I saw a fount
Of living water flow :
I being dry, they did reply,
To drink you there may go;
The mystic cup I then took up,
And drank a health to all
That were born free and kept their knee
From bowing unto Baal.

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