The Blackmans Making Song


One night I left my native home, to my Lodgeroom I went,
My Brethren all were sitting there, and seemed to be content.
Soon one request I asked of them, if they would grant to me,
Another step along the road that leads to liberty.

When I began the mount to climb - Mount Horeb was its name -
I saw a bush was burning, just in a mighty flame;
When I beheld the mighty blaze, I knew not what to say,
I then went to Mount Carmel, like old prophets, for to pray.

And when my prayers were ended, out of the East did rise,
A little cloud like a man's hand, which did me much suprise.
The next demand was made to me, my chariot to prepare.
With speed I drove along the way like eagles in the air.

Then went I to Golgotha - went to drink a health to all,
The toast went round, my name was found, Sirs, Brethren we are all.
Then straight to Jericho I went, so Joshua gave command,
It was my business when there to view the promised land.

And soon the King sent after me, all for to take my life,
And a woman did preserve me, that was neither maid nor wife.
'Twas out of a window, with a scarlet thread let down,
And went straight unto a garden, and there my Brethren found.

Now to conclude and finish, keep Joesph in your mind,
Through all your weary travels you left him not behind;
I'm sure he was a man of God, he interpreted the King's dream.
I wish you all true Brethren ever steady to remain.

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