King William For Ever



On the Twelfth of July, at the Battle of the Boyne,
King William he fought, and gained great renown;
He defeated King James, and his Papists slew,
For they never could stand before Orange and Blue.


Then steady, Orangemen, steady, steady;
Steady, Orangemen, steady, steady;
Die we can do, boys, yield we can never;
Let the toast be, "Our Order and King William for ever."

Then here's to County Antrim and brave Donegal,
And the 'Prentice Boys of Derry, who saved them from all;
And brave Enniskillen and Armagh so true,
For their sons all rejoice in the Orange and Blue.


And heres to King William of glorious fame,
And the Protestant Boys who rejoice in his name;
And here's to the Lodges of Orange and Blue,
For they are the boys that are Loyal and True.

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