Gallant Clyde Valley


There's a rusty old steamer on a far distant shore
Its sail will sail into Larne harbour once more
Her names the CLYDE VALLEY and a proud ship is she
For she helped to keep Ulster both loyal and free.
The liberals in England in 1914 said
Home Rule for Ireland we'll wash our hands clean.

Now Carson spoke firmly, they did all agree
That we must be armed to keep Ulster free.
What brave men will get them, they rightly got asked
Carson he knew just the man for the task.
Major Fred Crawford, a brave Ulster son
Was sent off to Europe to purchase the guns.

When a ship was required to bring bullets and guns
To arm Ulster's men , royal fathers and sons
What better than one built in Belfast they said
Clyde Valley was really the munjoy instead.
She sailed proudly forward her strange roundevous
With her master in charge, Bold Captain Agnew

At a spot predetermined on a wide open sea
Met HMS Fanny of the Royal Navy
The guns were transferred to the Clyde Valley's hold
Now that moment in history can proudly be told.
She made for Larne harbour with the greatest of speed
Knowing her cargo was Ulster's great need.

She knew she was risking both gunshot and shell
But God smiled upon her and protected her well
And when we look back and recall days of yore
We pause to remember Clyde Valley once more
And when you sail back to the place you were born
Remember Lord Carson and those he did scorn
And when you sail back to the place you were born
Remember Clyde Valley and those she did scorn.

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