Shutting the gates of Derry



One night as I lay on my bed
I thought that I would try
To write a few loyal verses
The Thirteenth of July.

In Scarva town of high renown,
That place I hold most dear,
The Grand Sir Knight of Israel's camp
Do meet there once a year.

To the memory of King William
All loyal men do join,
To see King James defeated
At the battle of the Boyne.

A Sham Fight there takes place
In memory of the day
That we freed from Popery
And gained our liberty.

With Bands and Banners marching
Through Buller's fair Demesne,
And loyal sisters join with us,
And each year do the same.

Here's to Sir Knight Sir Norman Stronge
That man of high renown,
Long may be lead the Grand Sir Knights
Through Scarva's loyal town.

With the Churches on the hill
And the Orange Hall by the lane,
That leads the Grand Procession
Through Scarva's fine Demesne.

Now ye loyal sons of Scarva,
One thousand R.B.P.,
Remember your forefathers
That fought for liberty.

You always make us welcome,
Let it be wet or dry,
For the great historic Sham Fight
On the Thirteenth of July.

May you always still remember,
That place of noted fame,
So join with the Grand Sir Knights
Through Buller's fair Demesne.

With Banbridge town and Portadown
And Tandragee so fair,
And Newry with their colours bright,
Blow proudly in the air.

And Markethill, with a free will,
Together with us join
In memory of that day
King William crossed the Boyne.

Now I'll bid farewell to Scarva men,
All honour to them due,
To R.B.P. One Thousand,
Of Gideon's Chosen Few.

Now to the Buller family -
I cannot pass them by -
The gates are opened wide to them
For the Thirteenth of July.

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