The Ride on the Goat



On the Twelfth of July, in the year 89,
I first took the notion this Order to join;
Then up to the lodge room, and there I did go,
And what I got there you'll very soon know.


On the goat, on the goat,
To get in the Order you ride on the goat.

And when I arrived there I knocked at the door;
There's one they call Master, who stood on the floor;
Come in and sit down, you're welcome he said,
And being surprised, I on him did gaze.


Then up came a man with a mallet in his hand,
Saying, dont be alarmed, for I'll do you no harm.
Five hundred miles on a goat you must ride,
A horney or moiley, the master replied.


Then the goat was brought forward that I might get on,
And after I mounted they bid him begone;
Through a blind window the goat did go,
Through bogs and wild mountains, and where I don't know.


Then after a long and wearisome chase,
The goat he arrived at the very same place;
Approaching the lodge room, I heard them all sing,
Success to the member that made the house ring.


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