The Sash My Father Wore

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Here am I a Loyal Orangeman,

Just come across the sea,

For singing and for dancing,

I hope that I'll please thee,

I can sing and dance with any man,

As I did in days of yore,

And on the Twelfth I long to wear,

The Sash My Father Wore,



I'ts old but it is beautiful,

It's colours they are fine,

It was worn at 'Derry, Aughrim, Enniskillen,

And the Boyne,

My father wore it as a youth,

In byegone days of yore,

So on the Twelfth I proudly wear,

The Sash My Father Wore.



It's now I'm going to leave you,

Good luck to you I say,

And when I'm on the ocean,

For me I hope you'll pray,

I'm going to my native home,

To a place they call Dromore,

Where on the Twelfth I always were,

The Sash My Father wore.





Whenever I come back again,

My Brethren here to see,

I hope in fine oul' Orange style,

They'll always welcome me,

My favourite tune 'Boyne Water',

Will please me more and more,

And make my Orange heart feel glad,

With the Sash My Father Wore.




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