Wee Spot In Europe

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There's a wee spot in Europe,

It's a place of great fame,

It lies to the north land,

And Ulster's it's name,

It has only six counties,

But all are renouned,

And it's emblem is the Red Hand,

Topped by our Queen's crown.


Now the Germans came over,

In the year forty one,

And they tried to destroy us,

By bomb and by gun,

But our history will tell them,

Of others who tried,

Our sons defended Ulster,

And they fought and they died.


If a papish you speak to,

In his own rebel town,

He will speak of our friendship,

Why can't we be one,

Just to point to the Red Hand,

Topped by the Queen's crown,

Say were side by side for Ulster,

And we won't let her down.


So now Brothers and Sisters,

let us all toast as one,

And we'll drink to our Ulster,

It's Heroe's and Sons,

And while we are toasting,

Two names we must join,

That of William Prince  Of  Orange,

And the banks of the Boyne.

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