Loyal Heart



From Loyal veins my life I drew
In Loyal arms I lay
From Loyal Lips that Lessons new
That led me day by day
And hearts to rest in Loyal Breast
And rocked on Loyal knee
They wore and grew and thank God too
A Loyal Heart in me.

Then came the day for all to view
When scorn and lies held sway
Those evil men with no virtue
They swore my life away
But for dare or ill I am Loyal Still
They never can decree
To force retreat or stop the beat
The Loyal Heart in me.

At times I sigh at times I rest
Amid Scenes and faces strange
The passing years have in my breast
Brought little or no change
Memories of old ever bright I hold
Since rocked on Loyal knee
And for her sake no jail will break
This Loyal Heart in me.

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