The Orangemen


Upon the walls of Derry
Our fathers, long ago,
Fought freedom's glorious battle,
Against their country's foe;
Their war-cry, "No Surrender",
Is echoed now again,
By bands of their descendants -
Undaunted Orangemen.

And when the Boyne's clear river
Ran red with human blood,
And the immortal William,
Dashed foremost thro' the flood;
When fell the noble Schomberg
The Prince of Orange, then
Those rights won, which are cherished
By all true Orangemen.

And at fam'd Enniskillen,
And Aughrim, side by side,
Standing so true together,
Our valiant fathers died;
And when the voice of duty,
Called heroes out again,
In Ninety-eight, Loved Ireland,
Was sav'd by Orangemen.

Since then, o'er hill and valley,
The Orange flag has waved,
And tempest, whirlwind, battle,
The sword and fire has braved,
And when rebellion threatened,
What did the warriors then?
They stood for home and altars,
Like faithful Orangemen!

And what would Lord John Russell,
And Viceroy Clarendon,
Have been without the Orange hosts,
If fighting had begun?
Then while alive for truth we'll strive,
And one man shall chase ten,
For God will shield, in camp and field,
Truth-loving Orangemen!

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