The Burning Torch for Protestantism.

Frederick Herman,Duke of Schomberg (a.k.a. Friedrich Herman von Schonberg)

Schomberg was born on December 16,1615 in Heidelberg, Palatinate. He died July 1, 1690 at the Battle of the Boyne.

He was a soldier of fortune, a marshal of France and an English peer. Schomberg's father was the Protestant court marshal of Frederick V. elector Palatine. His Mother was Anne, daughter of the English peer -the 5th Lord Dudley. He served under Frederick Henry of Orange in 1633 and under Bernard of Saxe-Weimar during the 30 years war from 1634-1637 in the campaigns on the Upper Rhine. He went to Holland again for service in 1639. In 1650 he served for Cardinal Mazarin in the crisis of the Frond- He served at the battle of Rethel on Dec. 15,1650. Schomberg became marechal de camp on Oct.28,1652 and fought for Turenne against the Spaniards and the Prince de Conde.  In 1660 he organized a Portuguese army against Spain. He placed Dom Pedro in power during a palace revolution and returned to the French army in 1668 having become naturalized as a Frenchman. Schombeg went to England in 1673 to aid Chales II in the formation of an army for an invasion of Holland but then returned to the French army to be on hand with Louis XIV at the siege and capture of Maastrict (June 1673). When Turenne died in 1675 he became one of 8 Marshals of France.  When the Edict of Nantes was revoked in 1685 Shomberg, a protestant , left France.He was taken in by Frederick William of Brandenburn, "the Great Elector". In 1688 he was lent together with a Prussian force to William of Orange. He went to England and was naturalized as English in April 1689 and was made Duke of Schomberg in May (also made the baron of Teyes, earl of Brentford and Marquess of Harwich). He was commander in Chief against James II from August 1689 and was killed at the Battle of the Boyne by some Irish cavalry.  The international composition of the English forces reflects the international condemnation of James II, and Louis XIV.


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