Waringsford Rising Star L.O.L. No. 545

Composed by Bro. Private W. H. Wallace (Jun.) who was killed in action in France at Hill 60, May 10th 1915.


Come all you Orange Brethren, now listen and I'll sing,
In honour of those heroes, who are loyal to their King;
They love their rights and liberties, they gained them by the sword.
And the place those heroes hail from is known as Waringsford.

Although it is a village small in the West of County Down,
In the Parish of Garvaghy, three miles from Dromore Town -
Our Orange standard's planted there, the cause we will maintain,
Within our lovely Orange Hall in Warringsford Demesne.

I'm proud to be a member of that famous L.O.L.,
And 545's our number - that we all love so well;
We meet first Thursday of each month - we're known both near and far -
And the title we go under is Waringsford Rising Star.

On every night of meeting, with our Master in the chair,
The Lodge is always opened with scripture and with prayer,
The Brethren standing round - most cordially do join
In praising God who sent us King William to the Boyne.

And on the Twelfth day of July, when we march out so gay,
With our banners floating proudly on that historic day;
We make the lords of all the land come out and join the throng,
And celebrate that glorious day - when Right triumphed o'er wrong.

Ye noble sons of Ulster, be ready for the call,
To guard those Rights and Liberties we won on Derry's Walls;
Then raise your "No Surrender" cry - let it ring both loud and clear -
For as long as God is on our side no danger need we fear.

But keep King William's memory, our glorious Prince of yore,
Till the Archangel's trumpet sounds and time shall be no more;
And wear the Bible and the Crown, the Orange and the Blue,
For it was for these colours that King James' men we slew.

And when we pass through darkness to that bright heavenly land,
To meet our Grand Master, and there before Him stand;
To dwell forever with the Lord, and His praises to sing,
Along with our ancestors and William our great King.

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