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MIDI Files
If you want MIDI files for a small number of specific hymns, most browsers let you do this by right clicking the link that says “MIDI.” To download compressed ZIP archives with our public domain MIDI files, click the file names below. The files are divided into small chunks to make them easier to down­load (you don’t lose as much if your connection goes down in mid transfer).

Note: Some files have an additional “organ” version; when present, this is a file of the same name, with an added “-o”.


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1 A Solis Ortus Cardine stjohnsh
2 A Toi la Gloire judasmac
3  for ein kj‘rleik s† stor! wonstory
4 Abba, Father! We Approach Thee calon_lan
5 Abide in Me, O Lord cuba
6 Abide Not in the Realm of Dreams melcombe
7 Abide with Me eventide
8 Abide with Me, 'Tis Eventide abidewmt
9 Abide with Us, Our Savior vulpius
10 Abide with Us, the Day Is Waning neumark
11 Above the Hills of Time londondr
12 According to Thy Gracious Word martyrdo
13 Adeste Fideles adestefi
14 Advent of Our God, The doncastr
15 Afflictions, Though They Seem Severe stmagnus
16 Again, as Evening's Shadows Fall abends
17 Again the Lord of Light and Life arlingtn
18 Again the Morn of Gladness mornglad
19 Ah, Dearest Jesus vonhimml
20 Ah, Holy Jesus herzlieb
21 Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed? martyrdo
22 Alive Again aliveaga
23 All as God Wills stracath
24 All Beautiful the March of Days forstgrn
25 All Creatures of Our God and King lasstuns
26 All Faded Is the Glowing Light holytrin
27 All for Jesus allforje
28 All Glory, Laud and Honor theodulp
29 All Glory Be to God on High alleingo
30 All Glory to Jesus allglory
31 All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name coronatn
32 All Hail to Thee, Immanuel! allhail2
33 All Hail to Thee, O Blessed Morn! wieschon
34 All Hail, Ye Little Martyr Flowers sarratt
35 All I Need allineed
36 All Lands, to God in Joyful Sounds mileslan
37 All Men Living Are but Mortal almensch
38 All Mortal Vanities, Begone cromer
39 All My Heart This Night Rejoices ebeling
40 All Nature's Works His Praise Declare bethlehe
41 All over the World alloverw
42 All People That on Earth Do Dwell old100th
43 All Praise to Our Redeeming Lord armenia
44 All Praise to Thee, Eternal Lord puernobi
45 All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night tallisca
46 All the Way My Savior Leads Me altheway
47 All the World for Jesus (1) allthew4
48 All the World for Jesus (2) allworld
49 All Things Are Ready ataready
50 All Things Are Thine melcombe
51 All Things Bright and Beautiful royaloak
52 All Things in Jesus atijesus
53 All Things Praise Thee heathlan
54 All Those That Pass By aspinwal
55 All Ye That Fear God's Holy Name parkstrt
56 Alleluia, Song of Gladness dulcecar
57 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus! hyfrydol
58 Almighty Father, Bless the Word duke_st
59 Almighty Father, Lord Most High duke_st
60 Almighty Father, Who Dost Give deustuor
61 Almighty God, Your Word Is Cast dunferml
62 Almighty Spirit, Now Behold newbold
63 Almost almost
64 Almost Persuaded almostpe
65 Always and Ever bunessan
66 Always Enough alwaysen
67 Am I a Soldier of the Cross? arlingtn
68 Amazing Grace newbrita
69 Ambassadors of God brookfld
70 Amidst Us Our Beloved Stands hamburg
71 Ancient Law Departs, The stmike
72 Ancient of Days albany
73 And Are We Yet Alive? dennis
74 And Art Thou Come with Us to Dwell ernan
75 And Can It Be That I Should Gain? sagina
76 And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time jerusalm
77 And Dost Thou Say hesperus
78 And Is It So eventide
79 And Let Our Bodies Part boylston
80 And Let This Feeble Body Fail rexregum
81 And Must I Be to Judgment Brought windsor
82 And Now, Beloved Lord, Thy Soul Resigning commenda
83 And Now, O Father, Mindful of the Love undeetme
84 And Now the Wants Are Told weybridg
85 And Will the Judge Descend? southwel
86 Angel Voices, Ever Singing angelvoi
87 Angels from the Realm of Glory regentsq
88 Angels, Roll the Rock Away hendon
89 Angels We Have Heard on High gloriab
90 Angry Words angrywor
91 Another Six Days' Work Is Done retreat
92 Another Year Is Dawning aurelia
93 Anywhere with Jesus anywhere
94 Approach, My Soul, the Mercy Seat ballerma
95 Are Ye Able? beacnhil
96 Are You Coming to Jesus Tonight? areyouco
97 Are You Sowing the Seed? aysowing
98 Are You Washed in the Blood? washedit
99 Arise, All Souls, Arise ariseasa
100 Arise, My Soul, Arise lenox
101 Arise, O God, and Shine darwall
102 Arise, the Kingdom Is at Hand ellacomb
103 Arm of the Lord, Awake! churchtr
104 Arm These Thy Soldiers, Mighty Lord appleton
105 Army of Endeavor armyndvr
106 Around the Throne of God a Band abends
107 Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid? stephano
108 As a Tree Beside the Water asatreeb
109 As a Volunteer asvolunt
110 As Birds Their Infant Brood Protect mainzer
111 As Each Happy Christmas allejahr
112 As Man and Woman We Were Made sussexca
113 As Now the Sun's Declining Rays stcolumb
114 As Now Thy Children Lowly Kneel beatimma
115 As Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams spohr
116 As Pants the Hart for Streams felix
117 As Shadows Cast by Cloud and Sun goshen
118 As the Sun Doth Daily Rise innocent
119 As Thirsts the Hart for Water Brooks baca
120 As When the Hebrew Prophet Raised downs
121 As with Gladness, Men of Old dix
122 Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know hendon
123 Asleep in Jesus restb
124 Assembled at Thy Great Command arnheim
125 At Calvary atcalvry
126 At Even, Ere the Sun Was Set angelus
127 At Length There Dawns the Glorious Day allsaint
128 At the Cross There's Room athcross
129 At the Foot of the Cross athefoot
130 At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing salzburg
131 At the Name of Jesus wyevall2
132 At Thy Feet, O Christ sunrise
133 At Thy Feet, Our God and Father stasaph
134 Aujourd'hui, Jour de Memoire easterhy
135 Author of Faith, Eternal Word mainzer
136 Awake, and Sing the Song silverst
137 Awake! Awake! awakawak
138 Awake, Awake! O Heart of Mine awakohom
139 Awake! For the Trumpet Is Sounding awatrump
140 Awake, Glad Soul ststephn
141 Awake, My Heart, with Gladness aufaufmh
142 Awake, My Soul, and with the Sun mainzer
143 Awake, My Soul, Awake, My Tongue arnold
144 Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve xmas
145 Awake, My Soul, to Joyful Lays lovingki
146 Awake, My Tongue, Thy Tribute Bring duke_st
147 Awake, Thou Spirit, Who Didst Fire allehrul
148 Awaked by Sinai's Awful Sound meribah
149 Away! Away! away
150 Away in a Manger mueller
151 Banner of the Cross, The bannerof
152 Battle Hymn of the Republic bhymnotr
153 Be Known to Us in Breaking Bread stagnes
154 Be Still, My Soul bestill
155 Be Strong! harold
156 Be Thou My Guardian and My Guide abridge
157 Be Thou My Helper in the Strife helead
158 Be Thou My Judge, O Righteous Lord idobelev
159 Be Thou My Vision slane
160 Be Thou, O God, Exalted High old100th
161 Beautiful Christmas beautxms
162 Beautiful Garden of Prayer, The beautgar
163 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere beautisl
164 Beautiful Life, A abeautif
165 Beautiful Savior crusader
166 Beautiful Vale of Rest bvaleres
167 Beautiful Valley of Eden kelley
168 Because I Knew Not When My Life Was Good peace
169 Because Thou Hast Said padrborn
170 Before Jehovah's Awful Throne parkstrt
171 Before the Ending of the Day te_lucis
172 Before the Lord We Bow darwall
173 Before the Throne of God Above swethour
174 Before Thee, God, Who Knowest All vatunser
175 Before Thy Mercy Seat, O Lord bishopth
176 Before Thy Throne, O God, We Kneel vatunser
177 Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme manoah
178 Behold a Host, Arrayed in White greatwhi
179 Behold a Little Child arthurs
180 Behold, a Stranger at the Door! fedstret
181 Behold Me Standing at the Door beholdme
182 Behold the Amazing Gift of Love ststephn
183 Behold the Bridegroom Cometh (1) secmode
184 Behold the Bridegroom Cometh (2) beholdbc
185 Behold the Bridegroom Draweth Nigh geronimo
186 Behold the Glories of the Lamb martyrdo
187 Behold, the Grace Appears festalso
188 Behold the Great Creator Makes tendrisn
189 Behold, the Heathen Waits to Know mornhymn
190 Behold the Lamb of God stjohnd
191 Behold, the Master Passeth By stlawren
192 Behold! The Mountain of the Lord glasgow
193 Behold the Savior of Mankind martyrdo
194 Behold the Throne of Grace stthomas
195 Behold the Wondrous Love beholdwl
196 Behold Us, Lord, a Little Space stflavin
197 Behold, What Love! behwlove
198 Believe Not Those Who Say festalso
199 Bells of Easter, The inglory2
200 Beneath the Cross of Jesus stchrist
201 Beni Soit le Lien dennis
202 Beside the Gospel Pool standreb
203 Best Friend to Have Is Jesus, The befriend
204 Beulah Land beulah2
205 Beyond the Sunset beyondss
206 Beyond This Land of Parting beyondtl
207 Bible, The bible
208 B-I-B-L-E, The b-i-b-l-e
209 Bible Stands, The bibstand
210 Birthday of a King, The neidling
211 Bless, O My Soul! the Living God parkstrt
212 Bless This Hour of Prayer bthopray
213 Bless Thou the Gifts Our Hands Have Brought daswaltg
214 Blessed Are the Sons of God rosefiel
215 Blessed Are They That Believe battbelv
216 Blessed Assurance assuranc
217 Blessed Be the Name blessedb
218 Blessed Bible blebible
219 Blessed Calvary blesscav
220 Blessed City, Heavenly Salem blesscit
221 Blessed Cross of Jesus blessedc
222 Blessed Feast, The blessedf
223 Blessed Home Land blessedh
224 Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word liebster
225 Blessed Lord, in Thee Is Refuge bryncalf
226 Blessed Quietness blessedq
227 Blessed Redeemer 1 redeemer
228 Blessed Redeemer 2 blessred
229 Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power quanqual
230 Blest Are the Pure in Heart franconi
231 Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love evan
232 Blest Be the Tie That Binds dennis
233 Blest, Blest Forever blesbles
234 Blest Creator of the Light vienna
235 Blest Is He Who Loves God's Precepts redeemre
236 Blest the Man Who Fears Jehovah hyfrydol
237 Blest Is the Man Who Shuns the Place beatimma
238 Blind Bartimeus blindbar
239 Bloodwashed Pilgrim, The bloodwas
240 Blood-Washed Throng, The bloodwat
241 Blott en Dag blottdag
242 Blow Ye the Trumpet, Blow lenox
243 Book of Books liebster
244 Boundless Salvation myjilove
245 Bow Down Thine Ear, Almighty Lord intercsn
246 Bread of Heaven, on Thee We Feed jjmehirt
247 Bread of the World, in Mercy Broken eucharis
248 Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light ermuntre
249 Break Forth, O Joyful Heart breakfor
250 Break Thou the Bread of Life breadlif
251 Breast the Wave, Christian fortitud
252 Breathe on Me, Breath of God trentham
253 Brethren, We Have Met to Worship holymann
254 Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us, The freuteuc
255 Brief Life Is Here Our Portion stalpheg
256 Bright and Glorious Is the Sky celestia
257 Bright and Joyful Is the Morn alcester
258 Bright Forever, The brightfo
259 Bright the Vision That Delighted rdhead46
260 Bright Was the Guiding Star That Led stethelr
261 Brighten the Corner Where You Are brighten
262 Brightest & Best of the Sons of the Morning mornstr2
263 Brightly Gleams Our Banner theresa
264 Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella bringtor
265 Bring Them In bringthe
266 Bring Your Vessels, Not a Few bringves
267 Bringing in the Sheaves sheaves
268 Broken Heart, The tbrokenh
269 Brood O'er Us with Thy Sheltering Wing wessex
270 Bryt du det livsens brod breadlif
271 Building, Daily Building builddab
272 Built by Jehovah's Hand stthomas
273 Built on the Rock builton
274 Bury Thy Sorrow burythys
275 By All Whom Thou Hast Made aviemore
276 By and By (1) byandby2
277 By and By (2) byandby3
278 By Christ Redeemed, by Christ Restored shoreham
279 By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill belmont
280 By Faith We Find the Place Above abidingg
281 By Grace I'm Saved ausgsisw
282 By the Cross of Jesus Standing stabatma
283 By the Grace of God We'll Meet bytgrace
284 By the Way of Redeeming Love bytheway
285 By Whom Was David Taught chrichur
286 Call for Workers callwork
287 Call Jehovah Thy Salvation hyfrydol
288 Calling for You callingy
289 Calm on the Listening Ear of Night stagnes
290 Can a Little Child Like Me thanksgv
291 Can You Count the Stars? cycstars
292 Cantique de Noel holynite
293 Captain of Israel's Host eisenach
294 Carry the Light carlight
295 Carry Your Bible carryyob
296 Cast Thy Burden on the Lord mercy
297 Caught Up caughtup
298 Celebrate Immanuel's Name amstrdam
299 C'est un Rempart que Notre Dieu fortress
300 Channels Only channels
301 Charge to Keep I Have, A boylston
302 Child and the Shepherd, The childshe
303 Child in the Manger bunessan
304 Child of the King, A binghamt
305 Child This Day Is Born, A childthi
306 Children of the Heavenly Father tryggare
307 Children of the Heavenly King pleyel
308 Children Sing chilsing
309 Choose Ye Today chooseye
310 Chorus of Fire chorusfi
311 Christ a Redeemer and Friend hamburg
312 Christ for the World We Sing italian
313 Christ, from Whom All Blessings Flow canterbu
314 Christ Hath a Garden leighton
315 Christ in His Word Draws Near kirbybed
316 Christ Is Coming christic
317 Christ Is Coming! unserher
318 Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation regentsq
319 Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands todsband
320 Christ Lag in Todesbanden todsband
321 Christ Liveth in Me christli
322 Christ, of All My Hopes the Ground hendon
323 Christ of the Upward Way sursumco
324 Christ Receiveth Sinful Men neumeist
325 Christ Returneth christre
326 Christ Shall Have Dominion gertrude
327 Christ the Heavens' Eternal King churchtr
328 Christ, the Life of All the Living jmlebleb
329 Christ the Lord Is King christlk
330 Christ the Lord Is Risen Again wurtmbrg
331 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (1) easterhy
332 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (2) stgeorgw
333 Christ, Who Once Among Us st_hill
334 Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies ratisbon
335 Christ Will Gather in His Own heinlein
336 Christian Brother, o'er the Main cbrother
337 Christian, Dost Thou See Them? standrew
338 Christian, Rise and Act Thy Creed innocent
339 Christian's "Good Night", The goodnite
340 Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn yorkshir
341 Christians, Sing Out with Exultation gecxviii
342 Christmas Brings Joy to Every Heart bringjoy
343 Church Has Waited Long, The gardcity
344 Church of God Is One, The churogod
345 Church's One Foundation, The aurelia
346 Cieux et la Terre C‚lŠbrent en Choeur, Les lyons
347 City of God, How Broad and Far richmonh
348 Cleansing Fountain, The cleansnf
349 Cleansing Wave cleansin
350 Cling to the Bible clingbib
351 Close to Thee closthee
352 Come, All Ye People, Bless Our God adowa
353 Come, All Ye Shepherds kommtihr
354 Come, All Ye Sons of God backzion
355 Come and Dine comedine
356 Come, and Let Us Sweetly Join canterbu
357 Come Away to the Skies middlebu
358 Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace comebold
359 Come, Children, Raise Your Voices cocraise
360 Come Children, with Singing comchild
361 Come, Christians, Join to Sing madrid
362 Come, Come Away comecome
363 Come, Come, Ye Saints comeyes
364 Come, Dearest Lord fedstret
365 Come Down, O Love Divine downampy
366 Come, Every Pious Heart haddam
367 Come, Every Soul by Sin Oppressed trust
368 Come, for All Things Are Ready comefora
369 Come, Gracious Lord, Descend and Dwell canonbur
370 Come, Great Deliverer, Come comgreat
371 Come Hither, Ye Faithful barnby
372 Come, Holy Ghost, in Love olivet
373 Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire wincheso
374 Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire venicrea
375 Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One ferial
376 Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine maryton
377 Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord! neugebor
378 Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove stagnes
379 Come in, Thou Blessed, Honored Lord winchesn
380 Come, Labor On oralabor
381 Come, Let Us All with One Accord holy_day
382 Come, Let Us Anew Our Journey Pursue lucas
383 Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs grafnbrg
384 Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above forstgrn
385 Come, Let Us Join with Faithful Souls azmon
386 Come, Let Us Join with One Accord beattudo
387 Come, Let Us Sing Before the Lord gilead
388 Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God kilmarnok
389 Come, Let Us Tune Our Loftiest Song duke_st
390 Come, Let Us Use the Grace Divine kingsfld
391 Come, Let Us Who in Christ Believe belmont
392 Come, Lord, and Tarry Not stbride
393 Come, Lord Jesus, Our Redeemer laudanim
394 Come, My Soul, Thou Must Be Waking haydn
395 Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare savannah
396 Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life thecall
397 Come, O My Soul, in Sacred Lays parkstrt
398 Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown petrsbrg
399 Come Over and Help us comeover
400 Come, Pure Hearts cobb
401 Come, Said Jesus' Sacred Voice forgiven
402 Come, Savior, Jesus, from Above barthold
403 Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay chapelro
404 Come Sing, Ye Choirs Exultant praetor7
405 Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast hursley
406 Come, Soul, and Find Thy Rest odontsta
407 Come, Sound His Praise Abroad cambridg
408 Come, Thou Almighty King italian
409 Come, Thou Conqueror of the Nations coronae
410 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing comethou
411 Come, Thou Holy Spirit, Come venisanc
412 Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus hyfrydol
413 Come to Calvary's Holy Mountain consoltn
414 Come to Me, O Blessed Spirit ctmbless
415 Come to the Savior cometots
416 Come to the Savior Now invitatn
417 Come unto Me comeunto
418 Come unto Me, When Shadows Darkly Gather adrian
419 Come unto Me, Ye Weary (1) bentley
420 Come unto me, Ye Weary (2) comeumyw
421 Come With Rejoicing comewith
422 Come, Ye Disconsolate consoltr
423 Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain stkevin
424 Come, Ye Saints, Look Here and Wonder cwmrhond
425 Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy restorat
426 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come stgeorgw
427 Come, Ye that Fear the Lord ancyra
428 Come Ye That Love the Savior's Name laud
429 Come, Ye Weary Sinners, Come messiah
430 Comfort, Comfort Ye My People werdemun
431 Comforter Has Come, The comfortr
432 Coming, Coming, Yes, They Are ccyestar
433 Commit Thou All Thy Griefs stgeorgg
434 Conflicting Feelings solidrok
435 Conquering Kings Their Titles Take innocent
436 Conquering Now and Still to Conquer conquer
437 Constantly Abiding constant
438 Count Your Blessings countyou
439 Courage, Brother, Do Not Stumble courage
440 Coventry Carol coventry
441 Cradled in a Manger, Meanly hyfrydol
442 Creator of the Earth and Sky stgregor
443 Creator of the Stars of Night conditor
444 Creator Spirit, by Whose Aid careys
445 Cross of Christ! Lead Onward cclonwar
446 Cross of Jesus crossofj
447 Crossing the Bar crossbar
448 Crown Him with Many Crowns diademat
449 Crown His Head with Many Blessings brockles
450 Crowning Day, The crowning
451 Cry, as of Pain, A zenana
452 Cwm Rhondda cwmrhond
453 Daily, Daily, Sing the Praises dalydaly
454 Dans Cette Etable bethgoun
455 Dare to Be a Daniel daretobe
457 Dawn Is Sprinkling in the East, The wareham
458 Dawn of God's Dear Sabbath, The stanselm
459 Dawning Fair, Morning Wonderful quepreci
460 Day by Day blottdag
461 Day by Day the Manna Fell munus
462 Day Is Dying in the West chautauq
463 Day Is Gently Sinking to a Close nachtlie
464 Day Is Past and Over, The dufriede
465 Day Is Surely Drawing Near, The dulifvet
466 Day, O Lord, Is Spent, The stignati
467 Day of Resurrection, The lancshir
468 Day of Judgment! Day of Wonders! staustin
469 Day of the Lord Is at Hand, The remepoor
470 Day of Wrath, O Day of Mourning diesirad
471 Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended, The stclemnt
472 Dayspring of Eternity morgengl
473 De Tierra Lejana Venimos islacant
474 Dear Christian People All, Rejoice nunfreut
475 Dear Jesus, Canst Thou Help Me? dearjesu
476 Dear Jesus, in Whose Life I See hursley
477 Dear Little Stranger dearlitt
478 Dear Lord and Father of Mankind rest
479 Dear Savior, Stretch Thy Loving Arms dsstlarm
480 Dear Shepherd of Thy People, Hear somerset
481 Debout, Sainte Cohorte webb
482 Debtor to Mercy Alone, A llangris
483 Deceit and Falsehood I Abhor handy
484 Deem Not That They Are Blest Alone stbarbar
485 Deeper, Deeper deeper
486 Delay Not, O Sinner, Draw Near expostul
487 Den Store, Kvite Flokk greatwhi
488 Depth of Mercy canterbu
489 Der mange skal komme fra ost og fra vest stokholm
490 Did Christ o'er Sinners Weep rhodes
491 Did You Think to Pray? didyouth
492 Disciples of All Nations misshymm
493 Dives and Lazarus dilwyn
494 Do No Sinful Action newland
495 Do Ye, O Men, Speak Righteousness swanwick
496 Do You Know the Song That the Angels Sang gloryith
497 Do You See the Hebrew Captive Kneeling? dyshcapt
498 Does Jesus Care? doesjeca
499 Does Thy Savior Pilot Thee? doesthys
500 Dost Thou in a Manger Lie? mauburn
501 Down at the Cross glorythn
502 Down from the Worlds of Radiant Light bristolm
503 Down in the Valley downvall
504 Down to the Sacred Wave ferguson
505 Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord penitent
506 Draw Thou My Soul, O Christ stedmund
507 Drop, Drop, Slow Tears song46gb
508 Duteous Day Now Closeth, The innsbruc
509 Dwelling in Beulah Land beulah
510 Earth Has Many a Noble City stuttgar
511 Earth Is Hushed in Silence, The lordsday
512 Earth, with All That Dwell Therein, The boardman
513 Easter Flowers are Blooming Bright easterfl
514 L'Eglise Universelle a Pour Roc J‚sus-Christ aurelia
515 Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott fortress
516 Ein L„mmlein geht und tr„gt die Schuld anwasser
517 Ends of All the Earth Shall Hear, The vision
518 Ere God Had Built the Mountains chenies
519 Ere the Blue Heav'ns Were Stretched Abroad truro
520 Ere Yet the Dawn Has Filled the Skies vonhimml
521 Es Ist ein Ros' esistein
522 Es Kommt ein Schiff Geladen eskommte
523 Eternal Father, Strong to Save melita
524 Eternal Father, Thou Hast Said batthymn
525 Eternal Father, When to Thee wareham
526 Eternal Gifts of Christ the King, The aeternac
527 Eternal Glory of the Sky wareham
528 Eternal God, How They're Increased worcestr
529 Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds amesbury
530 Eternal Power, of Earth and Air! truro
531 Eternal Power, Whose High Abode rockingh
532 Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round song1_g
533 Even Me evenme
534 Evening and Morning guldsonn
535 Evening Prayer, An evprayer
536 Everlasting Life everlast
537 Every Morning Mercies New evrymorn
538 Exalt the Lord, His Praise Proclaim creation
539 Face to Face with Christ, My Savior faceface
540 Fairest Lord Jesus crusader
541 Faith in Jesus faithinj
542 Faith Is the Victory faithist
543 Faith of Our Fathers stcather
544 Far and Near faranear
545 Far Be Sorrow, Tears, and Sighing victoryr
546 Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains farfaraw
547 Far from My Heavenly Home stbride
548 Fast, as Taught by Holy Lore, The jesucoro
549 Father, Again in Jesus' Name We Meet longwood
550 Father Almighty, Bless Us with Thy Blessing flemming
551 Father, Bless Our School Today baltmore
552 Father, Hear the Prayer We Offer stsylves
553 Father, How Wide Thy Glory Shines beattudo
554 Father, I Know That All My Life morwellm
555 Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee naomi
556 Father in Heaven, in Thy Love Abounding flemming
557 Father in Heaven, Who Lovest All truro
558 Father, in Thy Mysterious Presence Kneeling henley
559 Father, Let Me Dedicate faletmed
560 Father, Make Us Loving fathmake
561 Father of Heaven rivaulx
562 Father of Jesus Christ, My Lord evanston
563 Father of Light, We Sing in Thy Praise gloriapa
564 Father of Lights albany
565 Father of Love stagnes
566 Father of Mercies, in Thy Word tallisor
567 Father of Peace, and God of Love crediton
568 Father, We Praise Thee christes
569 Father, Whate'er of Earthly Bliss naomi
570 Father, When Shall All the Weary Earth ciscomin
571 Father, Who the Light This Day fredtilb
572 Father, Whose Will Is Life and Good grafnbrg
573 Fear Not, O Little Flock ravendal
574 Few More Marchings Weary, A fewmorem
575 Few More Years Will Roll, A leominst
576 Fierce Raged the Tempest O'er the Deep staelred
577 Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might pentecos
578 Fill Me Now filmenow
579 Fill Thou My Life ellacomb
580 Firmly I Believe and Truly shipston
581 First Noel, The frstnoel
582 Flee as a Bird fleeasab
583 Fling Out the Banner waltham
584 Flower Carol tempusaf
585 Follow On followon
586 Follow the Gleam folgleam
587 Footprints of Jesus footprin
588 For a Worldwide Revival fworldwr
589 For All the Saints sinenom
590 For My Sake, and the Gospel's bishopga
591 For the Beauty of the Earth dix
592 For the Bread, Which Thou Hast Broken agape
593 For Thee, O Dear, Dear, Country bonapatr
594 For Those We Love Within the Veil gaza
595 For Thy Dear Saints stgeorgg
596 For Thy Mercy and Thy Grace staustel
597 Forever Here My Rest Shall Be idobelev
598 Forever Settled in the Heavens duke_st
599 Forgive Them, O My Father valetwil
600 Forth from the Dark and Stormy Sky stcather
601 Forth in Thy Name, O Lord duke_st
602 Forty Days and Forty Nights heinlein
603 Forward! Be Our Watchword stbonifa
604 Forward Through the Ages gertrude
605 Fountain of Grace emmanuel
606 Free from the Law oncefall
607 Friend of Sinners Dies, The storrs
608 Friend of Sinners, Lord of Glory carlton
609 Friendly Beasts, The oripart2
610 Friendship with Jesus friendwj
611 From All That Dwell Below the Skies duke_st
612 From All Thy Saints in Warfare ewing
613 From East to West, from Shore to Shore trinityc
614 From Every Spire on Christmas Eve duane_st
615 From Every Stormy Wind retreat
616 From God Shall Naught Divide Me vongottw
617 From Greenland's Icy Mountains misshymm
618 From Heaven Above to Earth I Come vonhimml
619 From Homes of Quiet Peace trentham
620 From Lands That See the Sun Arise stjohnsh
621 From North and South and East and West hanfords
622 From Ocean unto Ocean lancshir
623 From the Cross wells
624 From Depths of Woe I Raise to Thee austifrn
625 From North and South and East and West hanford
626 From the Depths Do I Invoke Thee evprayr2
627 From the Eastern Mountains rosmore
628 From Thee All Skill and Science Flow stpeter
629 Full Many Will Come stokholm
630 Gate Ajar for Me, The gateajar
631 Gathering Out of Tears gathtear
632 Genade Onbeskryflik Groot Het newbrita
633 Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild gentleje
634 Gentle Mary Laid Her Child tempusaf
635 Gentle Shepherd, Thou Hast Stilled consoloc
636 Gently Lord, O Gently Lead Us autumn
637 Give Heed, My Heart jesredom
638 Give Me a Passion for Souls passionf
639 Give Me the Bible givemetb
640 Give Me the Faith Which Can Remove careys
641 Give Me the Wings of Faith bingham
642 Give Me Thy Heart givemeth
643 Give Me Thy Heart givemeth
644 Give of Your Best to the Master barnard
645 Give Peace in These Our Days dapacem
646 Give Thanks givthank
647 Give to Our God Immortal Praise warringt
648 Give to the Winds Thy Fears festalso
649 Glad Christmas Bells gladxmas
650 Glad Tidings nu_oli
651 Gladly We Will Go gladlywe
652 Gladsome Hymn of Praise We Sing, A canaan
653 Gleams of the Golden Morning gleamsgm
654 Glorious Day Is Dawning, A misshymm
655 Glorious Gates of Righteousness, The zerah
656 Glorious Majesty wachetau
657 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken austria
658 Glory Be to God on High gwalchma
659 Glory Be to God the Father regentsq
660 Glory Be to Jesus bemerton
661 Glory Gilds the Sacred Page, A burlingt
662 Glory to God, Hallelujah! glorytog
663 Glory to God! The Morn Appointed Breaks gibeon
664 Go! go
665 Go Forth at Christ's Command gfaccomm
666 Go Forward, Christian Soldier lancshir
667 Go, Labor On: Spend, and Be Spent pentecos
668 Go, Tell It on the Mountain gotitotm
669 Go to Dark Gethsemane redhead
670 Go Work in My Vineyard gworkimv
671 Go Work in the Vineyard goworkvy
672 Go Ye into All the World goyeinto
673 Go, Ye Messengers of God culford
674 God Be in My Head godbeinm
675 God, Be Merciful to Me redhead
676 God Be with You till We Meet Again godbwyou
677 God Calling Yet breslau
678 God Eternal, Mighty King mallary
679 God from on High Hath Heard stgeorgg
680 God Gives His Mercies to Be Spent holbhill
681 God Hath Sent His Angels easteran
682 God Himself Is with Us arnsberg
683 God in Heaven Hath a Treasure gloaming
684 God in the Gospel of His Son grostett
685 God Is Always Near Me godisanm
686 God Is Ever Good godeverg
687 God Is Goodness, God Is Love gisggisl
688 God Is Known Among His People laudanim
689 God Is Love; His Mercy Brightens sussex
690 God Is My Strong Salvation aurelia
691 God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength materna
692 God Is So Good godisso
693 God Is the Refuge of His Saints ward
694 God Is Working His Purpose Out purpose
695 God Leads Us Along godleads
696 God Loveth the Righteous sankey
697 God Moves in a Mysterious Way dundee
698 God, My King, Thy Might Confessing stuttgar
699 God of Abraham Praise, The tgodofap
700 God of Grace and God of Glory cwmrhond
701 God of Love and God of Power unserher
702 God of Mercy, God of Grace ratisbon
703 God of Might, God of Right addir_hu
704 God of My Life, to Thee I Call louvan
705 God of Our Fathers natlhymn
706 God of Our Fathers, Known of Old folkingh
707 God of Our Life sandon
708 God of the Earth, the Sky, the Sea! stcather
709 God of the Nations stagnes
710 God of the Prophets, Bless the Prophets' Sons toulon
711 God Our Father, We Adore Thee beecher
712 God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen godrest
713 God Sees the Little Sparrow Fall providen
714 God So Loved the World godsolov
715 God, That Madest Earth and Heaven arhydyno
716 God the Father's Only Son nutbourne
717 God, the Lord, a King Remaineth regentsq
718 God the Lord Is King ardudwy
719 God, the Omnipotent! russian
720 God, Who Made the Earth somrlied
721 God Who Sits Enthroned on High, The eisenach
722 God Will Take Care of You takecare
723 God Holds the Future in His Hands godholds
724 God's Glory Is a Wondrous Thing ststephn
725 God's Holy Church Shall Triumph godsholy
726 God's Trumpet Wakes the Slumbering World corwin
727 God's Word Is Like a Flaming Sword old107th
728 Golden Harps Are Sounding hermas
729 Gone from My Heart gonefrom
730 Good Christian Men, Rejoice dulcijub
731 Good King Wenceslas tempusaf
732 Good Night and Good Morning gnitgmor
733 Grace Greater than Our Sin moody
734 Grace and Truth Shall Mark the Way holley
735 Grace, 'Tis a Charming Sound silverst
736 Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me redhead
737 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost capetown
738 Grave Itself a Garden Is, The brown
739 Great and Mighty Wonder, A esistein
740 Great Archangel's Trump, The maryton
741 Great God! Attend while Zion Sings parkstrt
742 Great God, How Infinite Art Thou! windsor
743 Great God of Heaven, The virginun
744 Great God of Wonders wonders
745 Great God, the Nations of the Earth hummel
746 Great God, We Give Thee Praise stthomas
747 Great God, We Sing Your Mighty Hand germany
748 Great God, What Do I See and Hear? nunfreut
749 Great Is Thy Faithfulness faithful
750 Great Jehovah, Mighty Lord misshymn
751 Great King of Glory, Come chrichur
752 Great Master, Touch Us conisbor
753 Great Physician, The sympathy
754 Great Shepherd of Thy Chosen Flock mainzer
755 Greatness of His Mercy greatnss
756 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah cwmrhond
757 Guiding Hand, The guidingh
758 Hail! Father, Son and Holy Ghost azmon
759 Hail! Father, Son and Spirit Great stanne
760 Hail, Gladdening Light sundown
761 Hail, Happy Morning hailhapp
762 Hail Him the King of Glory hailhimk
763 Hail, Mighty Victor hailmivi
764 Hail! Sacred Day of Earthly Rest wreford
765 Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise llanfair
766 Hail the Glorious Golden City sanctuar
767 Hail Thee, Festival Day salvefes
768 Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus babilone
769 Hail to the Brightness of Zion's Glad Morning! wesleym
770 Hail to the Lord Who Comes old120th
771 Hail to the Lord's Anointed ellacomb
772 Hail to the Sabbath Day schumann
773 Hallelujah! Christ is Risen mcgranah
774 Hallelujah! Jesus Lives! jesusliv
775 Hallelujah! Let Praises Ring! wieschon
776 Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah ripley
777 Hallelujah! Raise, O Raise alcester
778 Hallelujah, 'Tis Done! halleltd
779 Hallelujah unto Jesus hallunje
780 Hallelujah, We Shall Rise halwesha
781 Hallelujah! What a Savior wasavior
782 Hallowed Spot, The hallowed
783 Hand in Hand handhand
784 Hand That Was Nailed to the Cross, The handnail
785 Handful of Leaves, A handfull
786 Happy Christmas Comes Once More, The emmanuel
787 Happy Morn Is Come, The darwall
788 Happy the Home When God Is There stagnes
789 Hark! A Thrilling Voice Is Sounding merton
790 Hark! A Voice Divides the Sky guide
791 Hark! Hark, My Soul! pilgrims
792 Hark! Hark! The Notes of Joy warsaw
793 Hark, My Soul, How Everything lyne
794 Hark, My Soul, It Is the Lord! stbees
795 Hark, Ten Thousand Harps and Voices harwell
796 Hark! Ten Thousand Voices stoswald
797 Hark, the Glad Sound! stsavior
798 Hark! the Herald Angels Sing mendelso
799 Hark! the Song of Jubilee stgeorgw
800 Hark! the Sound of Holy Voices sanctuar
801 Hark! the Sounds of Singing rachie
802 Hark! the Springtide Breezes harkthes
803 Hark! The Vesper Hymn Is Stealing vesperhy
804 Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling ellesdie
805 Hark, What a Sound welwyn
806 Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices? rathbun
807 Hasten the Time Appointed blairgow
808 Hasten Lord, the Glorious Time eltham
809 Have Thine Own Way, Lord adelaide
810 Have Ye Been to Nazareth? haveybtn
811 Have You Any Room for Jesus? haveyoua
812 Have You Not Known, Have You Not Heard hermon
813 Have You on the Lord Believed? haveyotl
814 Have You Prayed It Through? haveypit
815 Haven of Rest, The havenres
816 He Comes! He Comes! the Judge Severe! grachurc
817 He Did Not Die in Vain hedidnot
818 He Expecteth bullingr
819 He Feedeth His Flock hefeedhf
820 He Gives the Power hegivesp
821 He Has Come, the Christ of God gladday
822 He Hideth My Soul hehideth
823 He Included Me included
824 He Is Able to Deliver Thee able2del
825 He Is All and All to Me heisall2
826 He Is Arisen! Glorious Word! wieschon
827 He Is Born heisborn
828 He Is Coming newcastl
829 He Is Coming Again heiscome
830 He Is Coming, He Is Coming luxeoi
831 He Is Gone, a Cloud of Light stanley
832 He Is Mine heismine
833 He Is Near heisnear
834 He Is Risen unserher
835 He Is So Precious to Me prectome
836 He Keeps Me Singing sweetest
837 He Leadeth Me helead
838 He Lives on High heliveso
839 He That Goeth Forth Weeping brockles
840 He the Pearly Gates Will Open htpearly
841 He Took My Sins Away hetookms
842 He Wants a Poor Sinner Like Me hwantsps
843 He Wants Not Friends That Hath Thy Love song34_g
844 He Who Would Valiant Be stdunstn
845 He Will Answer Every Prayer hewillan
846 He Will Hold Me Fast hewilhol
847 He Will Not Let Me Fall hwillnot
848 Head of Thy Church, Whose Spirit Fills mornhymn
849 Head That Once Was Crowned, The stmagnus
850 Heal Us, Emmanuel grafnbrg
851 Healing at the Fountain healfoun
852 Hear and Answer Prayer hearansp
853 Hear, Lord, the Voice of My Complaint monora
854 Hear My Words, O Gracious Lord innocent
855 Hear This, All Ye People, Hear fisk
856 Hear Us, O Lord peelcast
857 Hear What God the Lord Hath Spoken joyful
858 Hearken, All! What Holy Singing gloria
859 Hearken to the Solemn Voice amstrdam
860 Hearts to Heaven and Voices Raise hyfrydol
861 Heaven and Earth, and Sea and Air gottseid
862 Heavens Declare Thy Glory, The (1) uxbridge
863 Heavens Declare Thy Glory, The (2) chenies
864 Heavenly Father, We Beseech Thee heavfath
865 Heavenly Sunlight heavenly
866 He'll Never Forget to Keep Me helnever
867 He'll Walk with Me All the Way hellwalk
868 He's Everything to Me heseverb
869 Help Somebody Today helpsome
870 Her kommer, Jesus, dine smaa paedia
871 Heralds of Christ natlhymn
872 Here at Thy Table, Lord breadlif
873 Here from the World We Turn cambria
874 Here Is Love herelove
875 Here, Lord, We Offer Thee blumen
876 Here, O My Lord, I See Thee penitent
877 He's Coming Soon liluokal
878 Hide Me hideme
879 Hide Thou Me hidethou
880 Hiding in Thee hidingin
881 High in the Heavens, Eternal God fedstret
882 High Word of God mechlin
883 Higher Ground highergr
884 Hills of the North, Rejoice darwall
885 His Are the Thousand Sparkling Rills islewort
886 His Eye Is on the Sparrow hiseyeis
887 His Grace Is Sufficient for Me hisgrace
888 His Mighty Hand hmightyh
889 His Voice, as the Sound of a Dulcimer Sweet samanthra
890 His Way with Thee hiswaywt
891 Ho, Every One That Is Thirsty! hoeveryo
892 Hold Fast Till I Come holdfast
893 Hold the Fort holdfort
894 Hold Thou My Hand holdthou
895 Hold Up the Grand Old Bible holdupgb
896 Holiness unto the Lord holiunto
897 Holy Bible, Book Divine aletta
898 Holy Father, Bless Us armentrt
899 Holy Father, Cheer Our Way vesprlux
900 Holy Father, God Almighty lovedivi
901 Holy Father, Hear My Cry heinlein
902 Holy Father, Thou Hast Given stmargrb
903 Holy Ghost, Come Down upon Thy Children bossiney
904 Holy Ghost, Dispel Our Sadness hyfrydol
905 Holy Ghost Is Here, The boylston
906 Holy Ghost, with Light Divine mercy
907 Holy God, We Praise Thy Name tedeum
908 Holy, Holy, Holy nicaea
909 Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord sabaoth
910 Holy, Holy, Holy Lord (Cullinan) aberystw
911 Holy, Holy, Holy Lord (Wordsworth) dix
912 Holy, Holy, Is What the Angels Sing holholis
913 Holy Lord God! I Love Thy Truth germany
914 Holy Son of God Most High, The vonhimml
915 Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide guide
916 Holy Spirit, from on High seymour
917 Holy Spirit, Source of Gladness beecher
918 Holy Spirit, Truth Divine canterbu
919 Home Over There, The homeover
920 Homeland! O the Homeland!, The homeland
921 Honey in the Rock honeyint
922 Honor and Glory, Power and Salvation coelites
923 Hope of the Ages, The hopeages
924 Hope of the Coming of the Lord, The hopecome
925 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna ellacomb
926 Hosanna to the Living Lord hosanna
927 Hour-Glass, The gerald
928 How Are Thy Servants Blest, O Lord! praetori
929 How Beauteous Were the Marks Divine canonbur
930 How Beautiful Heaven Must Be howbeahm
931 How Beautiful the Sight stgodric
932 How Blessed, from the Bonds of Sin blenden
933 How Blest is He Whose Trespass ruthford
934 How Calm and Beautiful the Morn hastings
935 How Can I Help but Love Him? hocihblh
936 How Can I Keep from Singing? mylifefo
937 How Can We Sinners Know stmike
938 How Far from Home? tismidnh
939 How Firm a Foundation foundatn
940 How Gentle God's Commands dennis
941 How Good Is the God We Adore celeste
942 How Great Our Joy jungst
943 How Great the Wisdom marlow
944 How Happy Are We howhappy
945 How Happy Are the Little Flock americus
946 How Happy Every Child of Grace holmfirt
947 How Happy Is the Pilgrim's Lot habakkuk
948 How Hurtful Was the Choice of Lot stmagnus
949 How I Love Thy Law, O Lord aletta
950 How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place mckee
951 How Oft in Holy Converse hallamen
952 How Precious Is the Book Divine howpreci
953 How Shall I Follow Him I Serve? alsace
954 How Shall I Sing That Majesty old137th
955 How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts stpeter
956 How Sweet and Awesome Is This Place stcolumb
957 How Sweet, How Heavenly Is the Sight mountcal
958 How Sweet the Hour auldlang
959 How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds stpeter
960 How Tedious and Tasteless greenfld
961 How the Lord from Heaven Came howtlord
962 How Vast the Benefits Divine stmatthe
963 Hush, My Babe hushmyba
964 Hushed Was the Evening Hymn samuel
965 Hymn for Conquering Martyrs Raise, The werdawon
966 Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing, A lasstuns
967 Hymn of Promise COPYRIGHTED
968 I Am Coming to the Cross imcoming
969 I Am His, and He Is Mine everlalo
970 I Am Not Skilled to Understand greenwel
971 I Am Praying for You iampray
972 I Am Resolved iamresol
973 I Am So Glad Each Christmas Eve xmaseve
974 I Am So Glad Salvation's Free iamsogld
975 I Am Thine, O Lord iatolord
976 I Am Trusting Thee bullingr
977 I Bow My Forehead to the Dust restingp
978 I Cannot Tell Why londondr
979 I Choose Jesus ichoosej
980 I Could Not Do Without Thee ewing
981 I Do Not Ask, O Lord orono
982 I Do Not Know How ibelieve
983 I Dreamed That the Great Judgment Morning greatjud
984 I Feel the Winds of God Today kingsfld
985 I Gave My Life for Thee kenosis
986 I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art toulon
987 I Have a Savior ihavesav
988 I Have Entered Beulah Land ihaveebl
989 I Have Found a Precious Resting Place atoblood
990 I Have Settled the Question ihaveset
991 I Hear Ten Thousand Voices Singing jubilee
992 I Hear Thy Welcome Voice welcomev
993 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day waltham
994 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say voxdilec
995 I Know Not How That Bethlehem's Babe stagnes
996 I Know of a Name beautnam
997 I Know That My Redeemer Lives (1) duke_st
998 I Know That My Redeemer Lives (2) bradford
999 I Know That My Redeemer Liveth hannah
1000 I Know That Some Day comagain
1001 I Know Whom I Have Believed elnathan
1002 I Lay My Sins on Jesus aurelia
1003 I Left It All with Jesus ilefiawj
1004 I Lift My Banner, Saith the Lord eskommte
1005 I Lift My Heart to Thee stwulstn
1006 I Look to Thee in Every Need ojesu
1007 I Love Jesus ilojesus
1008 I Love My Jesus Quite Alone bestchoi
1009 I Love the Lord, He Heard My Voice solomon
1010 I Love the Lord, His Strength Is Mine mendon
1011 I Love the Voice Divine manoah
1012 I Love Thee ilovethe
1013 I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord stthomas
1014 I Love to Hear the Story angstory
1015 I Love to Walk with Jesus iltwwjes
1016 I Love to Steal Awhile Away woodstou
1017 I Love to Tell the Story hankey
1018 I Must Tell Jesus orwigsbu
1019 I Need Thee Every Hour need
1020 I Need Thee, Precious Jesus savoycha
1021 I Remember When My Burdens Rolled Away myburden
1022 I Saw One Hanging on a Tree hdied4me
1023 I Saw the Cross of Jesus whitfiel
1024 I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In isaw3shp
1025 I Say to All Men Far and Near farnears
1026 I Sing the Mighty Power of God forstgrn
1027 I Sought the Lord peace
1028 I Stand Amazed in the Presence mysavlov
1029 I Surrender All surrendr
1030 I Think, When I Read That Sweet Story sweetsto
1031 I to the Hills Will Lift My Eyes dundee
1032 I Vow to Thee, My Country thaxted
1033 I Waited for the Lord Most High dunstanl
1034 I Walk the King's Highway manoah
1035 I Walk with the King iwwtking
1036 I Wandered in the Shades of Night sunlight
1037 I Want a Principle Within gerald
1038 I Was a Wandering Sheep lebanon
1039 I Was Made a Christian goshenbc
1040 I Will Ever Sing Thy Praises gotha
1041 I Will Make the Darkness Light iwillmak
1042 I Will Not Be Afraid duntroon
1043 I Will Not Forget Thee iwnfrgtt
1044 I Will Praise Him iwillpra
1045 I Will Sing My Maker's Praises solltich
1046 I Will Sing the Wondrous Story willsing
1047 I Would Be Like Jesus iwouldbe
1048 I Would Be True iwbetrue
1049 If Christ Is Mine eckhardt
1050 If Jesus Goes with Me ifjesusg
1051 If, on a Quiet Sea selvin
1052 If Tonight Should End the World iftonite
1053 If You Will Only Let God Guide You neumark
1054 Il Est N‚ heisborn
1055 I'll Be a Sunbeam illbeasb
1056 I'll Bear It, Lord, for Thee illbeari
1057 I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go igowhere
1058 I'll Live for Him illlive4
1059 I'll Not Give Up the Bible illnotgu
1060 I'll Overcome Some Day illoverc
1061 I'll Praise My Maker old113th
1062 I'm But a Stranger Here stedmund
1063 I'm Going There imgoingt
1064 I'm Going Through imgointh
1065 I'm Not Ashamed to Own My Lord belmont
1066 Immanuel, We Sing Thy Praise germany
1067 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise joanna
1068 Immortal Love, Forever Full serenity
1069 Impatient Heart, Be Still impatnhr
1070 In a Manger Laid So Lowly inamangr
1071 In Age and Feebleness Extreme vale
1072 In Boundless Mercy inboundm
1073 In Christ There Is No East or West stpeter
1074 In Evil Long I Took Delight martyrdo
1075 In Gethsemane Alone igethsem
1076 In Grief and Fear, to Thee, O Lord windsor
1077 In Heavenly Love Abiding angstory
1078 In His Temple God Be Praised allelowe
1079 In Loving-Kindness Jesus Came helifted
1080 In One True God We All Believe resurgen
1081 In Since I Once Had Wandered insionce
1082 In Stature Grows the Heavenly Child tallisor
1083 In Tenderness He Sought Me intender
1084 In the Bleak Midwinter cranham
1085 In the Child Garden childgar
1086 In the Cross of Christ I Glory rathbun
1087 In the Family of God newmarkt
1088 In the Field with Their Flocks Abiding chope
1089 In the Garden itgarden
1090 In the Hollow of His Hand ithollow
1091 In the Hour of Trial penitenc
1092 In the Lonely Midnight lonelymi
1093 In the Morning I Will Raise ferrier
1094 In the Secret of His Presence itsecret
1095 In the Service of the King servking
1096 In the Sweet By and By intsbab
1097 In the Twinkling of an Eye twinklin
1098 In the Vineyard of Our Father kelveden
1099 In Thee Is Gladness indirist
1100 In Thy Name, O Lord, Assembling raphael
1101 In Thy Wrath and Hot Displeasure stsylves
1102 In Time of Tribulation aurelia
1103 Infant Holy, Infant Lowly wzlobiel
1104 Infinite God, to Thee We Raise stchryso
1105 Into the Woods lanier
1106 Into Thy Gracious Hands I Fall calm
1107 Is It for Me? isitform
1108 Is It the Crowning Day? isitthec
1109 Is It There? isitther
1110 Is My Name Written There? ismyname
1111 Is There a Heart Bent O'er with Sorrow? allyoura
1112 Is Thy Heart Right with God? isthyhrt
1113 Is Your All on the Altar? isyoural
1114 It Came upon the Midnight Clear carol
1115 It Fell upon a Summer Day chldhood
1116 It Is Finished sebastin
1117 It Is Glory Just to Walk with Him gloryjus
1118 It Is Good to Sing Thy Praises ellesdie
1119 It Is Truly Wonderful trulywon
1120 It Is Well with My Soul villeduh
1121 It May Not Be Our Lot ernan
1122 It Pays to Serve Jesus itpays2s
1123 It's Just Like His Great Love itsjustl
1124 I've a Message from the Lord iveamesg
1125 I've Anchored in Jesus ivanchor
1126 I've Believed the True Report ivebeltr
1127 I've Found a Friend constanc
1128 I've Found a Refuge ifrefuge
1129 I've Found the Pearl of Greatest Price martyrdo
1130 I've Got Peace Like a River plikeriv
1131 Ivory Palaces ivorypal
1132 J'ai Soif de Ta Pr‚sence need
1133 Jeg er s† glad hver julekveld xmaseve
1134 Jeg st†r for Gud som allting vet vatunser
1135 Jehovah, God the Father, Bless sawley
1136 Jehovah Is Our Strength stjohnp
1137 Jehovah, Let Me Know Adore Thee dirdirje
1138 Jehovah, My God, on Thy Help I Depend paulina
1139 Jehovah Reigns, Let Earth Be Glad brynteg
1140 Jehovah's Perfect Law haddam
1141 Jerusalem, Arise jerarise
1142 Jerusalem, Jerusalem jeruparr
1143 Jerusalem, Lift Up Thy Voice vonhimml
1144 Jerusalem My Happy Home barre
1145 Jerusalem the Golden ewing
1146 Jerusalem, Thou City Bright jcitybri
1147 Jesu, Jesu chereponi
1148 Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring jesujomd
1149 Jesu, the Father's Only Son vonhimml
1150 Jesu, the World's Redeeming Lord shropshr
1151 Jesus, and Shall It Ever Be fedstret
1152 Jesus Calls Us galilee
1153 Jesus Christ Is Risen Today llanfair
1154 Jes£s Es Mi Rey Soberano mireyymi
1155 Jesus, Faithful to His Word royaloak
1156 Jesus, Good Above All Other quempast
1157 Jesus Has Lifted Me jesushas
1158 Jesus, Holy, Undefiled ferrier
1159 Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting tranquil
1160 Jesus, I Live to Thee lakeenon
1161 Jesus, I Love Thy Charming Name heber
1162 Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken hyfrydol
1163 Jesus, I'll Go Through with Thee jesusigt
1164 Jesus, Immortal King, Arise evanston
1165 Jesus, in Sickness and in Pain jisickns
1166 Jesus, in Thy Dying Woes swelitan
1167 Jesus Is All the World to Me elizbeth
1168 Jesus Is Coming jiscomin
1169 Jesus Is Coming Again jicoming
1170 Jesus Is God! jesusgod
1171 Jesus Is Mine lundie
1172 Jesus Is Tenderly Calling You Home jitcyhom
1173 Jesus Is the Friend You Need jisfyoun
1174 Jesus Is the Sweetest Name I Know jssnikno
1175 Jesus, King of Glory stalban
1176 Jesus, Kneel Beside Me eudoxia
1177 Jesus Liebt Mich Ganz Gewiss jesuslme
1178 Jesus Lives jeslives
1179 Jesus Lives! lindisfa
1180 Jesus, Lord, We Look to Thee savannah
1181 Jesus, Lover of My Soul aberystw
1182 Jesus Loves Even Me jesuslov
1183 Jesus Loves Me jesuslme
1184 Jesus Loves the Little Children tramtram
1185 Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice herrnhut
1186 Jesus, Meek and Gentle stconsta
1187 Jesus, meine Zuversicht ratisbon
1188 Jesus, Merciful and Mild hollings
1189 Jesus, My All bethany
1190 Jesus, My All, to Heaven Is Gone swethour
1191 Jesus, My Friend jmfriend
1192 Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All adorote
1193 Jesus, My Only Hope jesusmoh
1194 Jesus, My Savior, Look on Me hanfords
1195 Jesus, My Strength, My Hope richmone
1196 Jesus Only, Let Me See jesonly
1197 Jesus Paid It All paidall
1198 Jesus, Priceless Treasure meinefre
1199 Jesus, Rose of Sharon jeroseos
1200 Jesus Saves salvati2
1201 Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me pilot
1202 Jesus Shall Reign duke_st
1203 Jesus Spreads His Banner o'er Us autumn
1204 Jesus, Stand Among Us bemerton
1205 Jesus, Still Lead On seelenbr
1206 Jesus, Tender Shepherd, Hear Me evprayr3
1207 Jesus, the Calm That Fills My Breast waratah
1208 Jesus, the Conqueror, Reigns diademat
1209 Jesus! the Name High over All grafnbrg
1210 Jesus, the Sinner's Friend fedstret
1211 Jesus the Son of God jsonogod
1212 Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee stagnes
1213 Jesus, These Eyes Have Never Seen sawley
1214 Jesus, Thine All Victorious Love azmon
1215 Jesus, Thou All Redeeming Lord prescott
1216 Jesus, Thou Art the Sinner's Friend sawley
1217 Jesus, Thou Divine Companion lovedivl
1218 Jesus, Thou Everlasting King truro
1219 Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts mendon
1220 Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness germany
1221 Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me hesperus
1222 Jesus, Thy Church with Longing Eyes meinsleb
1223 Jesus, Thy Name I Love stobel
1224 Jesus, to Thy Table Led melford
1225 Jesus, United by Thy Grace stagnes
1226 J‚sus Vit! lindisfa
1227 Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley lonesome
1228 Jesus, We Look to Thee morngton
1229 Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners hyfrydol
1230 Jesus, Where'er Thy People Meet malvern
1231 Jesus! Whose Blood So Freely Streamed clolata
1232 Jesus, with Thy Church Abide litanpas
1233 John in Vision Saw the Day nunkomm
1234 Join All the Glorious Names darwall
1235 Joseph Dearest resoneti
1236 Joy and Triumph Everlasting bourgeoi
1237 Joy! Because the Circling Year glebefld
1238 Joy Dawned Again on Easter Day puernobi
1239 Joy Dispels Our Sorrow jodispel
1240 Joy Fills Our Inmost Hearts Today! gaudete
1241 Joy to the World antioch
1242 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee joyful
1243 Joyful News to All Mankind mightyto
1244 Joyfully Sing joyfully
1245 Judge Eternal, Throned in Splendor rhuddlan
1246 Judge Me, O God, and Plead My Cause hopkintn
1247 Judgment Has Set, The judgment
1248 Julen Har Bragt Velsignet Bud bringjoy
1249 Just a Closer Walk with Thee closerwa
1250 Just as I Am, Thine Own to Be dunstans
1251 Just as I Am, Without One Plea woodwort
1252 Just for Today justfort
1253 Just One Touch justonet
1254 Just When I Need Him Most gabriel
1255 Keep Thou My Way keepthou
1256 King Is Coming, The kingisco
1257 King Is Coming in Glory, The kingiscg
1258 King of Heav'n His Table Spreads, The dundee
1259 King of Kings kingking
1260 King of Love My Shepherd Is, The stcolumb
1261 King Shall Come when the Morning Dawns, The ststephn
1262 Kingdom Is Coming, The kingdomi
1263 King's Highway, The kinghway
1264 Kings of the East Are Riding, The wallaceh
1265 Kirken Den Er et Gammelt Hus builton
1266 Kum ba Yah kumbayah
1267 Laden with Guilt, and Full of Fears stsavior
1268 Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth, A anwasser
1269 Lamb of God! Our Souls Adore Thee deerhurs
1270 Lamb's High Banquet Called to Share, The paddingt
1271 Lands That Long in Darkness Lay, The ernan
1272 Lamp of Our Feet beattudo
1273 Laurels, Fresh Laurels laurelsf
1274 Law Commands and Makes Us Know, The old100th
1275 Law of God Is Good and Wise, The erhaltun
1276 Lead, Kindly Light luxbenig
1277 Lead Me Gently Home, Father leadmege
1278 Lead Me to Calvary leadmeto
1279 Lead On, O King Eternal lancshir
1280 Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us mannheim
1281 Lead Us, O Father, in the Paths of Peace langran
1282 Leanabh an Aigh bunessan
1283 Leaning on the Everlasting Arms showaltr
1284 Leave It There leaveitt
1285 Les Anges dans Nos Campagnes gloriab
1286 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence picardy
1287 Let All on Earth Their Voices Raise ariel
1288 Let All the World in Every Corner Sing highroad
1289 Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds dundee
1290 Let Earth and Heaven Combine stjohnp
1291 Let Every Lamp Be Burning Bright diligenc
1292 Let God Arise in All His Might missionc
1293 Let Every Mortal Ear Attend woodstou
1294 Let Him In lethimin
1295 Let Jesus Come into Your Heart mcconnel
1296 Let Little Children Come to Me sufferli
1297 Let Me Lean on Thee letmlean
1298 Let Our Choir New Anthems Raise stkevin
1299 Let Sighing Cease and Woe stmike
1300 Let the Earth Now Praise the Lord nunkomm
1301 Let the Lower Lights Be Burning lowerlit
1302 Let the Seventh Angel Sound on High hesperus
1303 Let the Song Go Round the Earth moelllys
1304 Let the Whole Creation Cry llanfair
1305 Let Thoughtless Thousands Choose wareham
1306 Let Thy Blood in Mercy Poured luise
1307 Let Us Break Bread Together letusbbt
1308 Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder allsaold
1309 Let Us Plead for Faith Alone savannah
1310 Let Us with a Gladsome Mind monkland
1311 Life of Ages, Richly Poured culbach
1312 Life's Railway to Heaven lrailway
1313 Lift Every Voice and Sing liftevry
1314 Lift High the Cross crucifer
1315 Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voice arishine
1316 Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now waltham
1317 Lift Up Your Heads, Rejoice blessdhm
1318 Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates of Brass presbytr
1319 Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates truro
1320 Lift Up Your Hearts woodland
1321 Lift Your Glad Voices in Triumph on High epiphanf
1322 Lift Your Heads kelveden
1323 Light after Darkness lightaft
1324 Light of Bethlehem, The litebeth
1325 Light of God Is Falling, The greenlan
1326 Light of Light, Enlighten Me hinchman
1327 Light of the World! Forever, Ever Shining wilton
1328 Light of the World Is Jesus, The liteoftw
1329 Light of the World, We Hail Thee salvedom
1330 Light of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling haltonhg
1331 Light's Abode, Celestial Salem regentsq
1332 Light's Glittering Morn Bedecks the Sky tristese
1333 Lights of Home, The lightsof
1334 Like a Mighty Sea lamighty
1335 Like a River Glorious wyevally
1336 Like a Wayward Child I've Wandered lwayward
1337 Like as a Mother Comforteth beattudo
1338 Like the Golden Sun Ascending werdemun
1339 Lily of the Valley, The salvatio
1340 Lion of Judah, The lionjuda
1341 Listen to the Blessed Invitation lisinvit
1342 Little Brown Church in the Vale littlebc
1343 Little Child the Savior Came, A mornhymn
1344 Little Children, Rise and Sing littlech
1345 Little Is Much When God Is in It littleim
1346 Little Kingdom I Possess, A littking
1347 Little Lamb, Who Made Thee? littlela
1348 Little Sunbeams littlesb
1349 Little While, A littlewh
1350 Living for Jesus livingfj
1351 Living Stream, As Crystal Clear, A stockton
1352 Lo, a Loving Friend Is Waiting bartbam
1353 Lo, God Is Here! winchesn
1354 Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending helmsley
1355 Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming howarose
1356 Lobe den Herren lobedenh
1357 Long Ago a Shining Throng longagos
1358 Long Hast Thou Wept and Sorrowed vulpius
1359 Long Years Ago o'er Bethlehem's Hills festgesa
1360 Look for Me! lookfome
1361 Look to the Lamb of God looklamb
1362 Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glorious bryncalf
1363 Looking This Way lookingt
1364 Lord, a Savior's Love Displaying merton
1365 Lord Almighty Reigns, The franconi
1366 Lord and King of All Things, The wohlauft
1367 Lord, as to Thy Dear Cross We Flee stanne
1368 Lord Ascendeth Up on High ascendit
1369 Lord, at This Closing Hour boylston
1370 Lord Be with us, The dalehurs
1371 Lord Descended from Above, The majestyb
1372 Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing sicilian
1373 Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor bryncalf
1374 Lord, from the Depths to Thee I Cried song67
1375 Lord God of Hosts, Whose Mighty Hand lestwefo
1376 Lord God of Hosts Whose Purpose Never Swerving welwyn
1377 Lord God, We Worship Thee nundankt
1378 Lord Has Heard and Answered Prayer, The restb
1379 Lord, Her Watch Thy Church Is Keeping ellesdie
1380 Lord, How Wondrous Are His Ways, The fedstret
1381 Lord, I Am Fondly, Earnestly Longing openwell
1382 Lord, I Cannot Let Thee Go seymour
1383 Lord, I Want to Be a Christian lordiwan
1384 Lord, I'm Coming Home lordimco
1385 Lord, in the Morning Thou Shalt Hear warwick
1386 Lord, in the Strength of Grace greenwoo
1387 Lord, in This Thy Mercy's Day holyghos
1388 Lord in Zion Reigneth, The lordzion
1389 Lord Is Come!, The jordan
1390 Lord Is Coming, The solidrok
1391 Lord Is Coming By and By, The licoming
1392 Lord Is King, The missionc
1393 Lord Is My Shepherd, The goodshep
1394 Lord Is Rich and Merciful, The landrest
1395 Lord Is Risen Indeed!, The stmike
1396 Lord, It Belongs Not to My Care evan
1397 Lord Jehovah Reigns, The darwall
1398 Lord Jesus, Blessed Giver blairgow
1399 Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now herrjesu
1400 Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide achbleib
1401 Lord Jesus, Come! lorjcome
1402 Lord Jesus, on the Holy Mount transank
1403 Lord Jesus, Think on Me southwel
1404 Lord, Lead the Way the Savior Went albano
1405 Lord, like the Publican I Stand avondale
1406 Lord My Pasture Shall Prepare, The careys
1407 Lord, My Weak Thought in Vain Would Climb canonbur
1408 Lord of All Being louvan
1409 Lord of All Power and Might stowell
1410 Lord of Earth, Thy Forming Hand maidston
1411 Lord of Glory, Who Hast Bought Us hyfrydol
1412 Lord of Life, All Praise Excelling graftons
1413 Lord of Light, Whose Name Outshineth stasaph
1414 Lord of Mercy and Might irene
1415 Lord of Might from Sinai's Brow, The sinai
1416 Lord of My Life! wessex
1417 Lord of Our Life isteconf
1418 Lord of Sabbath Let Us Praise, The mertono
1419 Lord of the Dance lordoftd
1420 Lord of the Gospel Harvest gospharv
1421 Lord of the Harvest, The lordharv
1422 Lord of the Sabbath, Hear Us Pray germany
1423 Lord of the Worlds Above darwall
1424 Lord, Open Thou My Heart erhaltun
1425 Lord Our God Is Clothed with Might tappan
1426 Lord, Our Lord, Thy Glorious Name evpraise
1427 Lord Proclaims His Grace Abroad, The ernan
1428 Lord, Rebuke Me Not in Anger batty
1429 Lord, Send Us Forth lordsend
1430 Lord, Speak to Me canonbur
1431 Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place stcather
1432 Lord, Thou Lov'st the Cheerful Giver beecher
1433 Lord, Thy Children Guide and Keep dix
1434 Lord, Thy Glory Fills the Heaven hyfrydol
1435 Lord, Thy Word Abideth ravensha
1436 Lord, to Our Humble Prayers Attend beatus
1437 Lord, to Thee Alone We Turn ramoth
1438 Lord, We Come Before Thee Now vienna
1439 Lord, When We Bend Before Thy Throne burford
1440 Lord, Who at Cana's Wedding Feast bethlehe
1441 Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days stflavin
1442 Lord, Whom Winds and Waves Obey nurembrg
1443 Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow, The eagley
1444 Lord Will Come! The Earth Shall Quake, The erfurt
1445 Lord Will Happiness Divine, The soho
1446 Lord, with Glowing Heart I'd Praise Thee faben
1447 Lord, You Give the Great Commission abbotsle
1448 Lord's My Shepherd, The belmont
1449 Lord's Prayer, The gregorin
1450 Lost Chord, The lostchor
1451 Louez le Seigneur hanover
1452 Love Came Down at Christmas garton
1453 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling beecher
1454 Love Found a Way lovfound
1455 Love Is the Theme lovethem
1456 Love Lifted Me lovelift
1457 Love of God, The loveofgo
1458 Loved One, Farewell lovedofw
1459 Lovers of Pleasure More Than God stanne
1460 Lovingly the Shepherd shepcare
1461 Low in the Grave He Lay lowitghl
1462 Loyalty to Christ loyalty
1463 Loyalty unto Christ loyaltyu
1464 Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned ortonvil
1465 Make Christ King makcking
1466 Make Haste, O My God, to Deliver delphine
1467 Make Him Known makhimkn
1468 Make Me a Captive, Lord diademat
1469 Make Me a Channel of Blessing makemeac
1470 Maker in Whom We Live diademat
1471 Maker of the Sun and Moon, The newbury
1472 Man Who Once Has Found Abode, The tallisca
1473 Many and Great, O God lacquipa
1474 March on, O Soul, with Strength arthurs
1475 Marching to Zion marching
1476 Marching with the Heroes marchinh
1477 Master Comes! He Calls for Thee, The hull_new
1478 Master Hath Come, The ashgrove
1479 Master, No Offering Costly and Sweet lovesoff
1480 Master, Speak! Thy Servant Heareth ajhanska
1481 Master, the Tempest Is Raging mastertt
1482 Master's Call, The mastcall
1483 May God Bestow on us His Grace eswollug
1484 May the Grace of Christ Our Savior sardis
1485 May the Mind of Christ, My Savior stleonds
1486 Me Voici, Seigneur, Sauveur liebster
1487 Meet Me There meetmeth
1488 Memories of Galilee memories
1489 Mercy of God is an Ocean Divine, The launcout
1490 Message Sweet Is Borne to Me, A msgsweet
1491 'Mid All the Traffic of the Ways stagnes
1492 Mighty Fortress Is Our God fortress
1493 Mighty God, the Lord, The diademat
1494 Mighty God, While Angels Bless Thee autumn
1495 Mighty Lord, Extend Thy Kingdom coronae
1496 Mistful Are Our Waiting Eyes redhead
1497 Moment by Moment momentby
1498 Mon Dieu, Plus PrŠs de Toi bethany
1499 More About Jesus morabout
1500 More Holiness Give Me moreholi
1501 More Like Jesus Would I Be morelikj
1502 More Like the Master hanfordg
1503 More Love to Thee, O Christ morelove
1504 More Than Conquerors morethan
1505 Morn of Joy mornojoy
1506 Morn of Morns, and Day of Days innocent
1507 Morning lancastr
1508 Morning Breaks upon the Tomb innocent
1509 Morning Draweth Nigh, The morndraw
1510 Morning Kindles All the Sky, The lowry
1511 Morning Land, The mornland
1512 Morning Light Is Breaking, The webb
1513 Morning Prayer mornpray
1514 Morning Purples All the Sky, The princeop
1515 Morning Red mornired
1516 Mortals Awake, with Angels Join xmas
1517 Most Perfect Is the Law of God kinsman
1518 Move Forward moveforw
1519 Music on Christmas Morning pateromn
1520 Must I Go, and Empty-Handed? mustigoa
1521 Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? maitland
1522 My Anchor Holds myanchor
1523 My Blessed Savior, Is Thy Love nikolaus
1524 My Days Are Gliding Swiftly By jcitybri
1525 My Dear Redeemer and My Lord fedstret
1526 My Faith Has Found a Resting Place landas
1527 My Faith, It Is an Oaken Staff stafaith
1528 My Faith Looks Up to Thee olivet
1529 My Father, for Another Night beatimma
1530 My Father, Hear My Prayer quadilec
1531 My Father Knows melmore
1532 My God, Accept My Heart This Day stpeter
1533 My God, How Endless Is Thy Love canonbur
1534 My God, How Wonderful Thou Art azmon
1535 My God, I Know, I Feel Thee Mine grontius
1536 My God, I Love Thee stfulber
1537 My God, I Thank Thee wentwort
1538 My God, My Father, While I Stray hanfords
1539 My God, My King, Thy Various Praise rockingh
1540 My God! Permit My Tongue leighahi
1541 My God, the Spring of All My Joys richmonh
1542 My God, and Is Thy Table Spread rockingh
1543 My Hope Is Built solidrok
1544 My Jesus, as Thou Wilt jewett
1545 My Jesus, I Love Thee gordon
1546 My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast mylatest
1547 My Life, Dear Lord, I Give to Thee littlfld
1548 My Lord, How Full of Sweet Content hamburg
1549 My Lord, I Did Not Choose You whitfiel
1550 My Lord, My Master, at Thy Feet Adoring strength
1551 My Lord, My Truth, My Way morngton
1552 My Lord, What a Morning! mylwhatm
1553 My Maker and My King el_kader
1554 My Mother's Bible mymother
1555 My Mother's Prayer mymprayr
1556 My Only Plea myonlypl
1557 My People, Give Ear chios
1558 My Prayer myprayer
1559 My Precious Bible myprecib
1560 My Redeemer myrdeemr
1561 My Righteous God, Who Oft of Old restb
1562 My Savior First of All mysavior
1563 My Savior, on the Word of Truth amesbury
1564 My Sheep Know My Voice mysheepk
1565 My Shepherd Will Supply My Need monora
1566 My Son, Know Thou the Lord capello
1567 My Song Is Love Unknown wesley
1568 My Song Shall Be of Jesus mysongsb
1569 My Soul Be on Thy Guard laban
1570 My Soul, Repeat Thy Praise benrhydd
1571 My Spirit Longs for Thee stcecili
1572 My Times Are in Thy Hand vigilalb
1573 My Times of Sorrow and of Joy beattudo
1574 My Trust is in the Lord aylesbry
1575 Nailed to the Cross nailed2c
1576 Name of Jesus, Softly Stealing beatrice
1577 Name of Jesus, The nameofje
1578 Name Which I Whisper, The namwhisp
1579 Nature with Open Volume Stands angelus
1580 Near the Cross nercross
1581 Near to the Heart of God mcafee
1582 Nearer, My God, to Thee bethany
1583 Nearer, Still Nearer nearersn
1584 Nearer the Cross nearertc
1585 Never Alone neveralo
1586 Never Further Than Thy Cross aletta
1587 Never Give Up nevergup
1588 Never Grow Old nevergro
1589 New Every Morning Is the Love melcombe
1590 New Name in Glory, A anewname
1591 Newborn King Is Born Today, The bethlehe
1592 Ninety and Nine, The 90_and_9
1593 Ni¤o Lindo caracas
1594 NIZHONIGO JOOBA' DITTS' A' newbrita
1595 No Dying There nodyingt
1596 No King but Christ nokingbc
1597 No Longer of Him Be It Said shelterw
1598 No Night There nonightt
1599 No, No, It Is Not Dying wakefiel
1600 No, Not Despairingly kedron
1601 No, Not One! nonotone
1602 No Other Story notherst
1603 No Room in the Inn noroomin
1604 None Other Lamb rossetti
1605 Nor Silver Nor Gold norsilvr
1606 Not All the Blood of Beasts southwel
1607 Not Alone for Mighty Empire austria
1608 Not Always on the Mount oneonta
1609 Not Half Has Ever Been Told nothalf
1610 Not So In Haste, My Heart dolomite
1611 Not unto Us, O Lord of Heav'n gairneyb
1612 Not What My Hands Have Done leominst
1613 Not Worthy, Lord, to Gather Up the Crumbs morecamb
1614 Nothing Between notbtwen
1615 Nothing but the Blood plainfld
1616 Nous Voulons par Nos Canqtiques wachetau
1617 Now All the Woods Are Sleeping innsbruc
1618 Now Are the Days Fulfilled wasfragi
1619 Now Be the Gospel Banner mendebra
1620 Now Begin the Heavn'ly Theme pleyel
1621 Now Blessed Be the Lord Our God dundee
1622 Now Blessing, Honor, Glory, Praise mear
1623 Now from the Altar of My Heart naomi
1624 Now God Be with Us flemming
1625 Now I Have Found the Ground Wherein old_23rd
1626 Now Israel May Say old124th
1627 Now in the Days of Youth diademat
1628 Now May He Who from the Dead mercy
1629 Now, on Land and Sea Descending vesperhy
1630 Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow mussdich
1631 Now Thank We All Our God nundankt
1632 Now That the Daylight Dies Away stflavin
1633 Now That the Daylight Fills the Skies warringt
1634 Now That the Sun Is Gleaming Bright abidingg
1635 Now the Day Is Over merrial
1636 Now the King in Thy Strength Shall Be Joyful latakia
1637 Now the Laborer's Task Is O'er requiesc
1638 Now to Heaven Our Prayer Ascending arhydyno
1639 Now to the Lord a Noble Song duke_st
1640 Now to the Lord, Who Makes Us Know wareham
1641 Now, When the Dusky Shades of Night lausmatu
1642 Now with Creation's Morning Song festus
1643 Now Yield We Thanks and Praise wasfragi
1644 Nu hviler Mark og Enge innsbruc
1645 Nu Oli nu_oli
1646 Nun freut Euch nunfreut
1647 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland nunkomm
1648 O Be Saved obesaved
1649 O Bless the Lord, My Soul stmike
1650 O Blessed, Blessed Bible oblessbi
1651 O Blessed Word oblessdw
1652 O Blest Creator of the Light bromley
1653 O Breath of Life spirituv
1654 O Bride of Christ, Rejoice! amliebng
1655 O Brightness of the Immortal Father's Face stnichol
1656 O Brother Man welwyn
1657 O Brothers, Lift Your Voices llanglof
1658 O Changeless Word ochglssw
1659 O Child of God ochildof
1660 O Christ, Forget Not Them Who Stand missionc
1661 O Christ, Our King, Creator, Lord cromer
1662 O Christ, Our True and Only Light breslau
1663 O Christ, Redeemer of Our Race erfurt
1664 O Christ, the Heaven's Eternal King churchtr
1665 O Christ, Who Art the Light and Day alfreton
1666 O Christians, Leagued Together lutherle
1667 O Christmas Night! kersnach
1668 O Church of God, Arise! ochofgod
1669 O Come, All Ye Faithful adestefi
1670 O Come and Dwell in Me stmike
1671 O Come and Mourn with Me stcross
1672 O Come and Sing to God, the Lord stpeter
1673 O Come, Loud Anthems Let Us Sing herrjesu
1674 O Come, My People, to My Law heber
1675 O Come, My Soul, Bless Thou the Lord Thy Maker tidings
1676 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel veniemma
1677 O Come, Redeemer of Mankind redempto
1678 O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth ariel
1679 O Darkest Woe otraurig
1680 O Day of God, Draw Nigh stmike
1681 O Day of Rest and Gladness mendebra
1682 O Eden, Dear Eden oedended
1683 O Father, All Creating aurelia
1684 O Father, Who Didst All Things Make stgall
1685 O Father, You Are Sovereign aurelia
1686 O Fly to Him ofly2him
1687 O Food of Men Wayfaring oescavia
1688 O Food to Pilgrims Given mussdich
1689 O for a Closer Walk with God caithnes
1690 O, for a Faith That Will Not Shrink stagnes
1691 O for a Heart to Praise My God richmonh
1692 O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing azmon
1693 O Gladsome Light lecantiq
1694 O Glorious Hope of Perfect Love ariel
1695 O God, above the Drifting Years duke_st
1696 O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand duke_st
1697 O God, Great Father, Lord, and King! baptism
1698 O God, How Good Thou Art olivet
1699 O God, I Thank Thee For Each Sight hope
1700 O God, Mine Inmost Soul Convert meribah
1701 O God, Most Holy Are Thy Ways vatunser
1702 O God, No Longer Hold Thy Peace stmatthe
1703 O God, of All the Strength and Power ludborou
1704 O God of Bethel, by Whose Hand sthugh
1705 O God of Earth and Altar llanglof
1706 O God of God stagness
1707 O God, of Good the Unfathomed Sea petrsbrg
1708 O God of Love hesperus
1709 O God of Mercy! Hearken Now hesperus
1710 O God of Truth stjames
1711 O God of Truth, O Lord of Might ferial
1712 O God, Regard My Humble Plea meribah
1713 O God, the Help of All Thy Saints stanne
1714 O God, the Rock of Ages miriam
1715 O God, Thou Art the Father aurelia
1716 O God, Thy Power Is Wonderful power
1717 O God, Thy World Is Sweet with Prayer canonbur
1718 O God, Unseen Yet Ever Near stflavin
1719 O God, to Us Show Mercy merionyd
1720 O God, We Have Heard resigntn
1721 O God, We Praise Thee, and Confess tallisor
1722 O God, We Pray for All Mankind ortonvil
1723 O God, Who Didst Thy Will Unfold olney
1724 O Grant Us Light canonbur
1725 O Happy Band of Pilgrims stedith
1726 O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice happyday
1727 O Happy Day, When First Was Poured daswaltg
1728 O Happy Home welwyn
1729 O Heavenly Word breslau
1730 O Holy City, Seen of John morwellm
1731 O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord rivaulx
1732 O Holy Night holynite
1733 O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen flemming
1734 O Hope of Every Contrite Heart stagnes
1735 O How Happy Are They raptureh
1736 O How I Love Jesus hiljesus
1737 O How Shall I Keep My Christmas? howshall
1738 O How Shall I Receive Thee (1) jegvilmh
1739 O How Shall I Receive Thee (2) odumitth
1740 O Jesu, Crucified for Man intercsn
1741 O Jesulein Sss jesulein
1742 O Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear stcather
1743 O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is deinkrip
1744 O Jesus, Crowned with All Renown kingsfld
1745 O Jesus, I Have Promised angstory
1746 O Jesus, Jesus ojesjes
1747 O Jesus, King Most Wonderful holycros
1748 O Jesus, Lord and Savior ojlorsav
1749 O Jesus, Lord of Heavenly Grace ely
1750 O Jesus, Master, When Today humiltuc
1751 O Jesus, My Hope oldgerma
1752 O Jesus, Thou Art Standing stedith
1753 O Jesus, We Adore Thee merionyd
1754 O Jesus, When I Think of Thee immortal
1755 O Joyous Easter Morning heartevf
1756 O Kersnacht kersnach
1757 O Kou Aloha No okoualoh
1758 O Lamb of God Most Holy olammgot
1759 O Let Him Whose Sorrow marymagd
1760 O Let My Supplicating Cry melcombe
1761 O Life That Makest All Things New dovrsdal
1762 O Light, from Age to Age the Same ststephn
1763 O Light of Life abends
1764 O Light That Knew No Dawn waverton
1765 O Light, Whose Beams Illumine All petrsbrg
1766 O Little Town of Bethlehem stlouis
1767 O Living Bread from Heaven aurelia
1768 O Lord, All Glorious, Life of Life louvan
1769 O Lord, and Is Thy Table Spread? sewall
1770 O Lord and Master of Us All stanne
1771 O Lord, Be Thou My Helper True colwynba
1772 O Lord, Be with Us When We Sail dundee
1773 O Lord, How Are My Foes Increased bingham
1774 O Lord! How Happy Should We Be meribah
1775 O Lord, How Many They southwel
1776 O Lord, How Shall I Meet You valetwill
1777 O Lord, I Will Delight in Thee richmonh
1778 O Lord Jesus, Lamb of God nunkomm
1779 O Lord Most High rockingh
1780 O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly stracath
1781 O Lord, My Inmost Heart and Thought walsall
1782 O Lord of Heav'n and Earth and Sea almsgive
1783 O Lord of Hosts, Almighty King hesperus
1784 O Lord of Hosts, Whose Glory Fills melcombe
1785 O Lord of Life forstgrn
1786 O Lord of Life, Thy Quickening Voice soho
1787 O Lord Our God, Arise! laban
1788 O Lord, Our God, in Adoration stclemnt
1789 O Lord, Our Lord dunferml
1790 O Lord, Thou Art My God and King duke_st
1791 O Lord, Thou Judge beloit
1792 O Lord, Thy Perfect Righteousness church
1793 O Lord, 'Tis Matter of High Praise aberdeen
1794 O Lord, to Thee I Cry aber
1795 O Lord, We Praise Thee gottseig
1796 O Lord, While We Confess the Worth serenity
1797 O Love Divine, How Sweet Thou Art purleigh
1798 O Love Divine, That Stooped to Share mozart
1799 O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done selena
1800 O Love, How Deep dgracias
1801 O Love of God, How Strong and True brookfld
1802 O Love of God Most Full trentham
1803 O Love That Casts Out Fear stcecili
1804 O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go stmargrt
1805 O Magnify the Lord with Me peoprais
1806 O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee maryton
1807 O Master of the Waking World melita
1808 O Master, When Thou Callest stedith
1809 O Master Workman of the Race amesbury
1810 O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright mornstar
1811 O Mother Dear, Jerusalem materna
1812 O My Soul, Bless God the Father stuttgar
1813 O North with All Thy Vales of Green ojesu
1814 O One with God the Father waring
1815 O Paradise! paradise
1816 O Perfect God, Thy Love coventry
1817 O Perfect Life of Love aber
1818 O Perfect Love perflove
1819 O Praise Ye the Lord hanover
1820 O Quickly Come, Dread Judge of All venicito
1821 O Sacred Head, Now Wounded pchorale
1822 O Salutaris Hostia osalutar
1823 O Saving Victim, Open Wide osalutar
1824 O Savior, Whom This Holy Morn azmon
1825 O! Say, But I'm Glad osaybuti
1826 O Scorned and Outcast Lord stalbnst
1827 O Sing a New Song to the Lord song67
1828 O Sing a Song of Bethlehem kingsfld
1829 O Sometimes the Shadows Are Deep rockoref
1830 O Son of God, Our Captain of Salvation donnesec
1831 O Son of God, We Wait for Thee gastoriu
1832 O Son of Man noxpraec
1833 O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing! filiietf
1834 O Spirit of Life oheiligr
1835 O Spirit of the Living God (1) forstgrn
1836 O Spirit of the Living God (2) winchesn
1837 O Splendor of God's Glory Bright wareham
1838 O Still in Accents Sweet and Strong stmark
1839 O Store Gud ostoregu
1840 O Strength and Stay strength
1841 O Take My Hand, Dear Father snimmden
1842 O That I Had a Thousand Voices odassich
1843 O That the Lord Would Guide My Ways alexandr
1844 O That the Lord's Salvation stalpheg
1845 O That Will Be Glory gloryson
1846 O the Crown othcrown
1847 O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus ebenezer
1848 O Thou, Before Whose Presence jmagbone
1849 O Thou from Whom All Goodness Flows beattudo
1850 O Thou God of My Salvation towner
1851 O Thou Great Friend ffigysbr
1852 O Thou, in All Thy Might So Far serenity
1853 O Thou in Whose Presence davis
1854 O Thou My Soul, Bless God the Lord stnichog
1855 O Thou, the Eternal Son of God stmary
1856 O Thou Through Suffering Perfect Made holley
1857 O Thou to Whom, in Ancient Time waltham
1858 O Thou to Whose All Searching Sight bera
1859 O Thou Who at Thy Creature's Bar old113th
1860 O Thou Who by a Star Didst Guide dalehurs
1861 O Thou Who Camest from Above hereford
1862 O Thou, Who Gav'st Thy Servant Grace brookfld
1863 O Thou Who Hearest Every Heartfelt Prayer morecamb
1864 O Thou Who Makest Souls to Shine solothur
1865 O Thou, Whom All Thy Saints Adore holyhill
1866 O Thou Whose Feet Have Climbed Life's Hill stmagnus
1867 O Thou Whose Gracious Presence Blest rest
1868 O to Be Like Thee! o2belike
1869 O Trinity of Blessed Light bromley
1870 O Turn Ye, for Why Will You Die? expostul
1871 O 'Twas a Joyful Sound to Hear mountsio
1872 O Very God of Very God stmark
1873 O Voice of the Beloved o_voice
1874 O What Shall I Do, My Savior to Praise hanover
1875 O What Their Joy and Their Glory Must Be quanqual
1876 O Where Are Kings and Empires Now tallisor
1877 O Where Are the Reapers? owatreap
1878 O Wherefore Do the Nations Rage? uxbridge
1879 O Who Like Thee, So Calm, So Bright melcombe
1880 O Why Not Tonight? owhynott
1881 O Why So Far Removed sawley
1882 O Wonder Amazing owondama
1883 O Wondrous Sight! wareham
1884 O Word of God owordgod
1885 O Word of God Incarnate munich
1886 O Worship the King lyons
1887 O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness waslebet
1888 O Young and Fearless Prophet blairgow
1889 O Zion, Haste tidings
1890 O Zion Open Wide Thy Gates bangor
1891 O'er the Distant Mountains Breaking storl
1892 O'er the Gloomy Hills of Darkness wildersm
1893 Of All the Thoughts of God pateromn
1894 Of the Father's Love Begotten divimyst
1895 Oft in Sorrow, Oft in Woe eighmey
1896 Oh, Come, Little Children schulz
1897 Oh, How Sweet When We Mingle ohosweet
1898 Oh, It Is Hard to Work for God greenwic
1899 Oh Realm of Light creation
1900 Oh to Be Over Yonder oh2bovry
1901 Oh, to Be Nearer onlyhisl
1902 Oh, What Are You Going to Do? whatarey
1903 Oh, Wonderful Word! wondword
1904 Old Account Was Settled, The oldaccnt
1905 Old Book and the Old Faith, The oldboldf
1906 Old Fashioned Way, The oldfashw
1907 Old Rugged Cross, The olrugged
1908 Old Ship of Zion, The oldshipz
1909 Old Time Power oldtimp2
1910 Old-Time Religion oldtimer
1911 Old Time Way, The oldtimew
1912 On a Christmas Morning oxmasmor
1913 On Christmas Night All Christians Sing sussexca
1914 On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry winchesn
1915 On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand stormy
1916 On Judah's Plains as Shepherds Sat caddo
1917 On Let Us Go onletusg
1918 On Man, in His Own Image Made abidingg
1919 On Our Way Rejoicing hermas
1920 On the Good and Faithful penitenc
1921 On the Mountain's Top Appearing zion
1922 On the Resurrection Morning resurmor
1923 On This Day, the First of Days gottseid
1924 On This Night, Most Holy ashgrove
1925 On Wings of Living Light dasliebn
1926 Once in David's Royal City irby
1927 Once More, O Lord, Thy Sign norwich
1928 Once More the Solemn Season Calls hereforo
1929 Once More We Come Before Our God stagnes
1930 Once My Way Was Dark and Dreary oncemway
1931 Once o'er Judea's Hills by Night onceoerj
1932 Once, Only Once albano
1933 Once to Every Man and Nation ebenezer
1934 One Day chapman
1935 One Day I Traveled a Toilsome Road myburdis
1936 One Holy Church of God Appears stjames
1937 One Is Kind Above All Others arhydyno
1938 One More Day's Work for Jesus onemored
1939 One Sweetly Solemn Thought dulcedom
1940 One There Is, above All Others allsaold
1941 Only a Beam of Sunshine onlybeam
1942 Only a Sinner onlyasnr
1943 Only a Step onlystep
1944 Only Believe onlybelv
1945 Only in Thee oninthee
1946 Only Once You Pass This Way onloyptw
1947 Only Son from Heaven, The gudfader
1948 Only Thy Garment's Hem onlythyg
1949 Onward, Christian Soldiers gertrude
1950 Onward, Christian, Though the Region wilmot
1951 Onward, Onward, Men of Heaven halljone
1952 Onward, Ye Pilgrims onwardyp
1954 Open My Eyes, That I May See openeyes
1955 Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty unserher
1956 Opening Hymn openingh
1957 Os Er Idag En Frelser Fod wieschon
1958 Our Best ourbest
1959 Our Blest Redeemer, ere He Breathed stcuthbt
1960 Our Children, Lord, in Faith and Prayer abergele
1961 Our Day of Joy Is Here Again nugladjn
1962 Our Day of Praise Is Done schumann
1963 Our Earth We Now Lament to See stcather
1964 Our Father's Love stclemnt
1965 Our Festive Song ourfests
1966 Our God, Our Help in Ages Past stanne
1967 Our God Reigns COPYRIGHTED
1968 Our Guilt We Do Confess Today martyrdo
1969 Our Land for Christ ourlan4c
1970 Our Lord Is Risen from the Dead duke_st
1971 Our Lord's Return to Earth Again ourlords
1972 Our Savior Will Descend Again osavwida
1973 Our Savior's Voice Is Soft and Sweet evan
1974 Out of Bondage outobond
1975 Out of My Bondage, Sorrow and Night jesusico
1976 Out on the Desert outonthe
1977 Over the Ocean Wave missiona
1978 Over There overther
1979 Over Yonder overyond
1980 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior passment
1981 Peace, Perfect Peace paxtecum
1982 Peaceful the Wondrous Night peaceful
1983 Peacefully Round Us the Shadows Are Falling curfew
1984 Pearly White City, The pwhitcit
1985 Pentecostal Power oldtimep
1986 People That in Darkness Walked, The wondcoun
1987 Pilgrim Through This Lonely World, A ortonvil
1988 Pilgrim's Journey, The pilgrimj
1989 Pleasant Are Thy Courts Above benevent
1991 Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, A mangrief
1992 Praise God for What He Has Done for Me pg4whhdm
1993 Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow old100th
1994 Praise God, Ye Servants of the Lord andre
1995 Praise Him, All Ye Little Children bonner
1996 Praise Him, Praise Him phimphim
1997 Praise Jehovah, All Ye Nations stoswald
1998 Praise, Lord, for Thee in Zion Waits seasons
1999 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven laudanim
2000 Praise, Praise His Name praisehn
2001 Praise the Lord, Each Tribe and Nation ptltribe
2002 Praise the Lord, for He Is Good hallelh
2003 Praise the Lord, God's Glories Show llanfair
2004 Praise the Lord of Heaven warumsin
2005 Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above amstrdam
2006 Praise the Lord: Ye Heavens, Adore Him faben
2007 Praise the Rock of Our Salvation procksal
2008 Praise the Savior, All Ye Nations harwell
2009 Praise the Savior, Ye Who Know Him acclaim
2010 Praise Thou the Lord, O My Soul lobeseel
2011 Praise to God, Immortal Praise nurembrg
2012 Praise to the Holiest in the Height grontius
2013 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty lobedenh
2014 Praise We the Lord This Day stgeorgg
2015 Praise Ye Jehovah praise
2016 Praise Ye the Lord pyetlord
2017 Praise Ye the Lord, My Heart Shall Join luton
2018 Praise Ye the Lord, 'Tis Good to Raise accringt
2019 Praise Ye the Triune God flemming
2020 Praises of That Saint We Sing, The stambros
2021 Pray, Pray praypray
2022 Pray That Jerusalem May Have york
2023 Prayer for God's Blessing, A fairhavn
2024 Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire stagnes
2025 Praying Always prayinga
2026 Preach the Gospel preachtg
2027 Precious Bible! What a Treasure allsaold
2028 Precious Child, So Sweetly Sleeping prescots
2029 Precious Name precious
2030 Prepare the Way, O Zion! beredenv
2031 Priceless Is Thy Treasure castledn
2032 Print Thine Image, Pure and Holy freudich
2033 Prisoners of Hope, Arise diademat
2034 Pull for the Shore pullshor
2035 Pure Within purewith
2036 Purer in Heart, O God purerinh
2037 Purer Yet and Purer lyndhurs
2038 Que Preciosas Mananitas quepreci
2039 Race That Long in Darkness Pined, The stleonas
2040 Radiant Morn Hath Passed Away, The radiantm
2041 Rapture Indeed! rapturei
2042 Reapers Are Needed reapersn
2043 Redeemed redeemed
2044 Redeemer of Israel beloved
2045 Regions Beyond, The regionsb
2046 Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers llanglof
2047 Rejoice, Rejoice, This Happy Morn wieschon
2048 Rejoice, Rejoice, Ye Christians valetwil
2049 Rejoice, the Lord Is King darwall
2050 Rejoice, Ye People, Homage Give truro
2051 Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart marion
2052 Remember All the People kommseel
2053 Remember Christ, Our Savior aurelia
2054 Repent, the Kingdom Draweth Nigh breslau
2055 Repent! 'Tis the Voice of Jesus repentvj
2056 Rescue the Perishing rescue
2057 Rest at Home resthome
2058 Rest over Jordan rojordan
2059 Rest of the Weary stcecils
2060 Resting in You restinin
2061 Return, O Wanderer, Return return
2062 Revive Thy Work, O Lord festalso
2063 Revive Us Again reviveus
2064 Ride On, Ride On in Majesty! hebron
2065 Ring, Happy Bells of Easter Time easterch
2066 Ring Out the Bells for Christmas rotbxmas
2067 Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New waltham
2068 Ring the Bells of Heaven ringbell
2069 Rise, Crowned with Light natlhymn
2070 Rise, My Soul, and Stretch Thy Wings amstrdam
2071 Rise, My Soul, to Watch and Pray strafmic
2072 Rise, Thou Light of Gentile Nations oduliebe
2073 Rise Up, O Men of God festalso
2074 Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow riseupsh
2075 Rise, Ye Children of Salvation unserher
2076 Rock of Ages toplady
2077 Rock of Ages, Let Our Song maoztsur
2078 Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep cradleod
2079 Roll Out, O Song, to God! viglia
2080 Room for the Penitent roomfort
2081 Rorate rorate
2082 Roseate Hues of Early Dawn, The ellacomb
2083 Round the Lord in Glory Seated ebenezer
2084 Royal Banners Forward Go, The hamburg
2085 Sacred Fountain sacredfo
2086 Safe in the Arms of Jesus safearms
2087 Safe upon the Billowy Deep posen
2088 Safe Stronghold Our God Is Still, A fortress
2089 Safely Through Another Week sabbath
2090 Sail On! sailon
2091 Sailing into Port sailing
2092 Saint of God, Elect and Precious stthomaw
2093 Saint Patrick's Breastplate stpatric
2094 Saints of God! the Dawn Is Brightening regentsq
2095 Saints of God! Their Conflict Past, The jervaulx
2096 Saints Should Never Be Dismayed beatimma
2097 Sands of Time Are Sinking, The ruthford
2098 Santo! Santo! Santo! nicaea
2099 Satisfied satsfied
2100 Saved by Grace savgrace
2101 Saved by the Blood savedbtb
2102 Saved from the Wreck savedftw
2103 Saved, Saved raptures
2104 Saving Grace savinggr
2105 Savior and Regenerator savioreg
2106 Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name ellers
2107 Savior, Blessed Savior edina
2108 Savior, Breathe an Evening Blessing evprayr2
2109 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us bradbury
2110 Savior, More Than Life everyday
2111 Savior of the Heathen, Known nunkomm
2112 Savior of the Nations, Come nunkomm
2113 Savior, Sprinkle Many Nations falfield
2114 Savior, Teach Me Day by Day posen
2115 Savior, Thy Dying Love someforj
2116 Savior, When in Dust to Thee blumenth
2117 Savior, When Night Involves the Skies sweden
2118 Savior Who Loves Me, The jesuscom
2119 Savior, Who Thy Life Didst Give blumenth
2120 Savior, Whom Our Hearts Adore weld
2121 Saw You Never, in the Twilight? harwell
2122 Seal Us, O Holy Spirit carson
2123 Sealed Was the Tomb benotafr
2124 Search Me, O God maori
2125 See Amid the Winter's Snow humility
2126 See Him in Raiment Rent bridgwat
2127 See How Great a Flame Aspires culford
2128 See, Sinners, in the Gospel Glass stcather
2129 See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph rustingt
2130 See the Destined Day Arise halle
2131 See the Gold upon the Hills sherborn
2132 See the Shining Dewdrops sshining
2133 Seeking for Me seekingf
2134 Seeking the Lost seeklost
2135 Send Forth, O God, Thy Light and Truth holden
2136 Send Out the Sunlight sendouts
2137 Send the Light mccabe
2138 Send Them, O Lord stewart
2139 Send Thou, O Lord, to Every Place elmhurst
2140 Servant of God, Well Done! morngton
2141 Servants of God, in Joyful Lays truro
2142 Shadows of the Evening Hours stleonar
2143 Shall Hymns of Grateful Love darwall
2144 Shall I Be Saved Tonight? shallibe
2145 Shall Man, O God of Light and Life rosedale
2146 Shall We Gather at the River? hansonpl
2147 She Only Touched the Hem of His Garment hemofhis
2148 Shelter in the Time of Storm, A ashelter
2149 Sheltering Rock, The shelterr
2150 Shepherd of Love, The sheplove
2151 Shepherd of Tender Youth olivet
2152 Shepherd, Show Me How To Go guidance
2153 Shepherd's Fold on High, The shepfold
2154 Shepherds, Rejoice! Lift Up Your Eyes xmaseve
2156 Shining for Jesus shiningf
2157 Ships Glide in at the Harbor's Mouth deograti
2158 Shout, for the Blessed Jesus Reigns truro
2159 Shout in the Camp, A shoutcam
2160 Shout the Glad Tidings avison
2161 Sign of the Cross, The signcros
2162 Silent Night silntnit
2163 Silently the Shades of Evening stockwell
2164 Since I Have Been Redeemed othello
2165 Since Jesus Came into My Heart sincejes
2166 Since Jesus Freely Did Appear sabbata
2167 Since Jesus Is My Friend greenwoo
2168 Since with My God with Perfect Heart rockingh
2169 Since Without You We Do No Good abidingg
2170 Sing a New Song to Jehovah austria
2171 Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! bechler
2172 Sing, My Soul, to God Who Made Thee cantated
2173 Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle picardy
2174 Sing, My Tongue, the Savior's Glory stthomwa
2175 Sing, O Sing, This Blessed Morn engllane
2176 Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above mitfreud
2177 Sing Praise to the Lord! laudatep
2178 Sing to Me of Heaven singtome
2179 Sing to the Lord of Harvest stedith
2180 Sing to the Lord, Sing His Praises wesleym
2181 Sing to the Lord the Children's Hymn sthughe
2182 Sing to the Lord, Ye Distant Lands oaksvill
2183 Sing unto God singunto
2184 Sing We the Glory of Our God sthugh
2185 Sing We the King gloryson
2186 Sing with All the Saints in Glory joyful
2187 Sing Ye the Songs of Praise oak
2188 Sinner, Art Thou Still Secure? pleyel
2189 Sinners, Believe the Gospel Word brownwel
2190 Sinners, Obey the Gospel Word stjohnsh
2191 Sinners, Turn: Why Will You Die? messiah
2192 Sinners, Will You Scorn the Message unserher
2193 Sky Can Still Remember, The chenies
2194 Sleep, My Little Jesus lullabyg
2195 Snow Lay on the Ground, The venitead
2196 So Let Our Lips and Lives Express hebron
2197 Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling thompson
2198 Softly Fades the Twilight Ray holley
2199 Softly Now the Light of Day seymour
2200 Softly Sighs the Breath of Evening evpryrvw
2201 Soldiers of Christ, Arise diademat
2202 Soldiers of the Cross, Arise! gladday
2203 Some Day some_day
2204 Some Sweet Day My Lord Will Come somsweet
2205 Some Sweet Morn somswmor
2206 Somebody Came and Lifted Me somelift
2207 Somebody Knows somebody
2208 Somebody Else Needs a Blessing senbless
2209 Someone Is Looking to You soislook
2210 Someone Must Tell the Glad Story someonem
2211 Someone Shall Go soshallg
2212 Someone's Last Call someonlc
2213 Sometime! sometime
2214 Sometime We'll Understand sometiwu
2215 Sometimes a Light Surprises petition
2216 Son of David Bowed to Die, The victorfu
2217 Son of God Goes Forth to War, The allsaint
2218 Songs of Thankfulness and Praise stgeorgw
2219 Soon May the Last Glad Song Arise duke_st
2220 Soon Shall We See the Glorious Morning glormorn
2221 Soon Will Our Savior from Heaven Appear owchange
2222 Soul, Adorn Thyself with Gladness schmucke
2223 Soul Wherein God Dwells, The mjunzart
2224 Souls in Death and Darkness Lying zion
2225 Souls of Men, Why Will Ye Scatter st_mabyn
2226 Songs of Praise the Angels Sang monkland
2227 Sound over All Waters joanna
2228 Sound the Battle Cry soundbat
2229 Sovereign of Worlds! Display Thy Power duke_st
2230 Sow the Seed Beside All Waters bethanys
2231 Spacious Firmament on High, The creation
2232 Speed Away speedawa
2233 Speed the Light speedlit
2234 Speed Thy Servants, Savior zion
2235 Spirit Blest, Who Art Adored evelyn
2236 Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayer brecon
2237 Spirit of Faith, Come Down bealoth
2238 Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart morecamb
2239 Spirit, Strength of All the Weak gowerlit
2240 Splendor and Majesty splendor
2241 Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word gottseid
2242 Stand by Me standbym
2243 Stand by the Right sbyright
2244 Stand, Soldier of the Cross silverst
2245 Stand the Omnipotent Decree falkirk
2246 Stand Up and Bless the Lord stmike
2247 Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus webb
2248 Standing at the Portal stalbanh
2249 Standing on the Promises promises
2250 Star in the East stareast
2251 Star of Bethlehem, The starbeth
2252 Starry Firmament on High, The alstone
2253 Stars of the Morning trisagin
2254 Steal Away to Jesus stealatj
2255 Stepping in the Light stepping
2256 Still, Still with Thee consolmn
2257 Still Sweeter Every Day stillsed
2258 Still Will We Trust diadema
2259 Stille Nacht silntnit
2260 Story That Never Grows Old, The storthat
2261 Strengthen for Service, Lord achgotuh
2262 Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted woistjes
2263 Strife is O'er, the Battle Done, The victory
2264 Strong, Righteous Man of Galilee melita
2265 Strong Son of God, Immortal Love stcrispn
2266 Sun Declines, The vincent
2267 Sun Is on the Land and Sea, The wentwort
2268 Sun Is Sinking Fast, The twilight
2269 Sun of My Soul hursley
2270 Sunshine in the Soul sunshine
2271 Surrounded by a Host of Foes melita
2272 Sweet and Clear the Birds Are Singing canticle
2273 Sweet Feast of Love Divine zurich
2274 Sweet Flow'rets of the Martyr Band salvetef
2275 Sweet Hour of Prayer swethour
2276 Sweet Is the Work, My God, My King sweetist
2277 Sweet Peace, the Gift of God's Love sweetpea
2278 Sweet Place darwall
2279 Sweet Savior, Bless Us Ere We Go tenebris
2280 Sweet Story of Jesus sweetstj
2281 Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing batty
2282 Sweet Will of God sweetwog
2283 Sweeter as the Days Go By sweeterd
2284 Sweeter as the Years Go By sweetera
2285 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot swinglow
2286 Sword of the Lord, The swordlor
2287 Tack min Gud thankstg
2288 Take My Life and Let It Be messiah
2289 Take the World, but Give Me Jesus ttwbgmej
2290 Take the World for Jesus takeworl
2291 Take Thou Our Minds, O Lord hall
2292 Take Time to Be Holy holiness
2293 Take Up Thy Cross germany
2294 Talk with Us, Lord soho
2295 Tarry with Me stsylves
2296 Teach Me, My God and King emmaus
2297 Teach Me, O Lord bishop
2298 Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Way rimingtn
2299 Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord camacha
2300 Tell It Again tellitag
2301 Tell It Out (1) tellitou
2302 Tell It Out (2) tellouts
2303 Tell It Out with Gladness titoutwg
2304 Tell It to Jesus dayton
2305 Tell Me the Old, Old Story evangel
2306 Tell Me the Stories of Jesus tmtsoj
2307 Tell Me the Story of Jesus tellmets
2308 Tell the Blessed Story telltbst
2309 Tell the Blessed Tidings deva
2310 Tell the Whole Wide World telltwww
2311 Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand alford
2312 Ten Virgins, The tenvirgn
2313 Thanks to God thankstg
2314 That Awful Day Will Surely Come windsor
2315 That Day of Wrath stcross
2316 That Eastertide with Joy Was Bright puernobi
2317 That Man a Godly Life Might Live diessind
2318 That Man Is Blest Who, Fearing God meditatn
2319 Thee We Adore, Eternal Lord parkstrt
2320 Thee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tower admah
2321 There Are Lonely Hearts to Cherish tlonelyh
2322 There Came a Little Child to Earth matthews
2323 There Is a Balm in Gilead bagilead
2324 There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood fountain
2325 There Is a Green Hill Far Away greenhil
2326 There Is a Happy Land happylan
2327 There Is a Land of Pure Delight ascrpton
2328 There Is Power in the Blood powblood
2329 There Seems a Voice in Every Gale arlingtn
2330 There Shall Be Showers of Blessing showers
2331 There Were Twelve Disciples sheaves
2332 There Will I Follow Thee therewil
2333 There'll Be No Dark Valley nodarkva
2334 There's a Fountain Free founfree
2335 There's a Great Day Coming gdcoming
2336 There's a Hill Lone and Grey lonegrey
2337 There's a Light in the Valley talitval
2338 There's a Light upon the Mountains autumn
2339 There's a Picture Bright and Fair tpicbrif
2340 There's a Song in the Air xmassong
2341 There's a Sweet and Blessed Story heransom
2342 There's a Wideness in God's Mercy wellesly
2343 There's No Disappointment in Heaven theresno
2344 There's Only One Way theronly
2345 There's Peace and Rest in Paradise frech
2346 These Glorious Minds, How Bright They Shine bromsgrv
2347 These Things Shall Be simeon
2348 They All Were Looking for a King chldhood
2349 They Tell Me the Story of Jesus Is Old theytell
2350 They Were in an Upper Chamber inupperc
2351 Thine Arm, O Lord, in Days of Old allsaint
2352 Thine Is the Glory judasmac
2353 Thine Forever! God of Love dallas
2354 This Day at Thy Creating Word winchesn
2355 This Day the First of Days Was Made andernac
2356 This Endris Night tendrisn
2357 This Is My Father's World terrabea
2358 This Is the Day of Light swabia
2359 This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made arlingtn
2360 This Is the Field pateromn
2361 This Is the Victory thisistv
2362 This Is Thy Will, I Know trentham
2363 This Joyful Easter-Tide eastrtid
2364 This My Plea thismypl
2365 This Night a Wondrous Revelation odassich
2366 This Night, O Lord, We Bless Thee aurelia
2367 Those Eternal Bowers stalbans
2368 Thou Art Coming, O My Savior beverley
2369 Thou Art the Way stjames
2370 Thou Art Gone Up on High olivetd
2371 Thou Art the Mighty King of Kings ellacomb
2372 Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne margaret
2373 Thou Gracious Power thougrac
2374 Thou Hallowed Chosen Morn of Praise eisenach
2375 Thou Hidden Love of God vatunser
2376 Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose petrsbrg
2377 Thou Judge of Quick and Dead diademat
2378 Thou Lord of Hosts truro
2379 Thou Lovely Source of True Delight martyrdo
2380 Thou Remainest thourema
2381 Thou Spakest, Lord, and into One lincoln
2382 Thou, Who at Thy First Eucharist Did Pray sacramun
2383 Thou, Whose Almighty Word dort
2384 Thou, Whose Unmeasured Temple Stands dundee
2385 Though Kindred Ties Around Us smilefrj
2386 Though Now the Nations Sit Beneath mornhymn
2387 Though the Fig Tree Shall Not Blossom iwrejoic
2388 Though Troubles Assail Us joanna
2389 Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet crimson
2390 Thousand Oracles Divine, A azmon
2391 Thousand Years Have Come and Gone, A noel
2392 Throned Upon the Awful Tree arfon
2393 Through All the Changing Scenes of Life irish
2394 Through Good Report and Evil, Lord hanfords
2395 Through Midnight Gloom from Macedon matlock
2396 Through the Day thy Love Has Spared Us dretzel
2397 Throw Out the Life-Line throwout
2398 Thus Far the Lord Hath Led Me On hebron
2399 Thy Brother Calls to Thee tbrother
2400 Thy God Reigneth! thygodre
2401 Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, Alone tholysla
2402 Thy Kingdom Come thykingc
2403 Thy Kingdom Come, O God edenfeil
2404 Thy Kingdom Come, on Bended Knee irish
2405 Thy Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We paedia
2406 Thy Mercy and Thy Truth, O Lord caddo
2407 Thy Might Sets Fast the Mountains webb
2408 Thy Servant, Blessed by Thee stmartin
2409 Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord stcecili
2410 Thy Will Be Done twbedone
2411 Thy Wondrous Testimonies, Lord brookfld
2412 Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart thyword
2413 Thy Word Is Like a Garden, Lord bethlehe
2414 Thy Word, O Lord luxbeata
2415 Thy Word Sheds Light upon My Path repentan
2416 Till He Come nassau
2417 'Tis Almost Time for the Lord to Come tisalmos
2418 'Tis Finished! The Messiah Dies olivbrow
2419 'Tis Midnight, and on Olive's Brow olivbrow
2420 'Tis Midnight, and on Olive's Brow olivbrow
2421 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus sosweet
2422 'Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer tisthebl
2423 'Tis Winter Now, the Fallen Snow danby
2424 To Canaan's Land I'm on My Way tocanaan
2425 To God Be the Glory godglory
2426 To God the Great, the Ever Blest missionc
2427 To God the Only Wise stmike
2428 To Realms of Glory eisenach
2429 To Shepherds as They Watched by Night puernobi
2430 To the Name of Our Salvation triumph
2431 To the Work toilingo
2432 To Thee and to Thy Christ, O God christos
2433 To Thee Before the Close of Day restb
2434 To Thee, Eternal Soul, Be Praise! worship
2435 To Thee, My Heart, Eternal King germany
2436 To Thee, O Comforter Divine strotolf
2437 To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise bishopga
2438 To Thy Temple Holy procesnl
2439 To Thy Temple I Repair gottseid
2440 To Us a Child of Hope Is Born idobelev
2441 To Us a Child of Royal Birth truro
2442 Today the Savior Calls nain
2443 Today Thy Mercy Calls Me blairgow
2444 Tomorrow, Lord, Is Thine vigilalb
2445 Too Late toolate
2446 Touch of His Hand on Mine, The touchand
2447 Triumphant Zion! Lift Thy Head anvern
2448 Truehearted, Wholehearted, Faithful & Loyal truehear
2449 Trust and Obey trstobey
2450 Trust in the Promise trustint
2451 Trust the Eternal wilingh
2452 Trusting Jesus (1) trusting
2453 Trusting Jesus (2) trustinj
2454 Trusting Jesus, Wonderful Guide trustjes
2455 Turn Back, O Man old124th
2456 Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus lemmel
2457 'Twas a Glad Day When Jesus Found Me twasglad
2458 'Twas on that Night When Doomed to Know rockingh
2459 'Twas the Commission of Our Lord louvan
2460 'Twixt Gleams of Joy and Clouds of Doubt stleonar
2461 Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle bringtor
2462 Unanswered Yet unanswer
2463 Unclouded Day, The uncloudd
2464 Under His Wings underhis
2465 Unless the House the Lord Shall Build illa
2466 Unsearchable Riches unsearch
2467 Unto the Hills Around Do I Lift Up sandon
2468 Unto Thy Temple, Lord, We Come duke_st
2469 Unveiled Christ, The unveiled
2470 Upon the Gospel's Sacred Page holbhill
2471 Veiled in Darkness Judah Lay nstraurg
2472 Velsigna Band Som Bind dennis
2473 Veni Emmanuel veniemma
2474 Victory in Jesus vicjesus
2475 Victory in My Soul victoryi
2476 Virgin Most Pure, A sandys
2477 Voice of God Is Calling, The merionyd
2478 Voice That Breathed O'er Eden, The eden
2479 Voice upon the Midnight Air, A cruxcrud
2480 Vom Himmel kam der Engel Schar puernobi
2481 Vous Creatures du Seigneur lasstuns
2482 Vous, Qui sur la Terre Habitez old100th
2483 W Zlobie Lezy wzlobiel
2484 Wait on the Lord waitlord
2485 Waiting for the Promise waitprom
2486 Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying wachetau
2487 Wake, Harp of Zion stberndr
2488 Wake, Isles of the South islesots
2489 Wake, Sweetest Strain waksweet
2490 Wake the Song annivers
2491 Wake the Song of Jubilee amboy
2492 Walk in the Light richmonh
2493 Walk Thou with Me confiden
2494 Walking in the Good Old Way walking
2495 Was There Ever a Friend So True? wastever
2496 Watchman, Blow the Gospel Trumpet wbgtrump
2497 Watchman, Tell Us of the Night watchman
2498 Way of the Cross Leads Home, The waycross
2499 We All Can Do Good weallcan
2500 We All Can Do Something for Jesus allcando
2501 We Are but a Band of Children missband
2502 We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder wearecjl
2503 We Are Going Down the Valley wergoing
2504 We Are Living, We Are Dwelling blaenhaf
2505 We Are Soldiers of Christ milites
2506 We Are the Lord's eirene
2507 We Bear the Strain of Earthly Care azmon
2508 We Believe in One True God ratisbon
2509 We Christians May Rejoice Today deinkrip
2510 We Come unto Our Fathers' God nunfreut
2511 We Gather Together kremser
2512 We Give Thee but Thine Own schumann
2513 We Have a Sure Prophetic Word wogottzh
2514 We Have an Anchor wehavean
2515 We Have Not Known Thee as We Ought careys
2516 We Journey Through a Vale of Tears gouda
2517 We Lift Our Hearts to Thee morngton
2518 We Limit Not the Truth of God old_22nd
2519 We Love the Venerable House hermon
2520 We May Not Climb the Heavenly Steeps serenity
2521 We Plow the Fields wirpflug
2522 We Praise Thee, O God hanover
2523 We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator kremser
2524 We Pray Thee, Heavenly Father diesdomi
2525 We Rest on Thee finland
2526 We Saw Thee Not wesawthn
2527 We Shall Reign wesreign
2528 We Shall See the King wsstking
2529 We Shall See the King Some Day weshalls
2530 We Shall Shine as the Stars weshalss
2531 We Sing His Love, Who Once Was Slain reststai
2532 We Sing, Immanuel, Thy Praise erschien
2533 We Sing the Glorious Conquest munich
2534 We Thank Thee, Lord, for This Fair Earth ernan
2535 We Thank Thee, Lord, Thy Paths of Service Lead field
2536 We Three Kings wethree
2537 We Wait for a Great and Glorious Day daychris
2538 We Walk by Faith wwalkbyf
2539 We Welcome Glad Easter joanna
2540 We Will Follow Jesus wewillfj
2541 We Would See Jesus (1) cushman
2542 We Would See Jesus (2) visiodom
2543 Weary of Earth, and Laden with My Sin langran
2544 Weary of Wandering from My God petrsbrg
2545 Weary Souls, That Wander Wide rosefiel
2546 Welcome, Delightful Morn dasliebn
2547 Welcome for Me welcome4
2548 Welcome, Happy Morning! fortunat
2549 Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest lisbon
2550 Welcome, Thou Victor in the Strife coronatn
2551 We'll Give Our Hearts to Jesus wellgive
2552 We'll Outshine the Sun woutshin
2553 We'll Work Till Jesus Comes olanrest
2554 We'll Understand It Better By and By byandby
2555 Were You There? wereyout
2556 We've a Story to Tell to the Nations message
2557 What a Friend We Have in Jesus erie
2558 What a Gathering whatgath
2559 What a Wonderful Savior! bentharb
2560 What Child Is This? greenslv
2561 What Equal Honors Shall We Bring missionc
2562 What God Hath Promised whatgodh
2563 What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone tendrisn
2564 What If It Were Today? whatifit
2565 What Is He Worth to Your Soul? whatishe
2566 What Must I Do? whatmust
2567 What Shall I Render to the Lord? lambeth
2568 What Star Is This, with Beams So Bright? puernobi
2569 What Thou I Cannot Break My Chain arlingtn
2570 What Time I Am Afraid holyguid
2571 What Time the Evening Shadows Fall old_44th
2572 What Will You Do with Jesus? (1) wwyoudwj
2573 What Will You Do with Jesus? (2) whatwill
2574 What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do? whatwilt
2575 What Wondrous Love Is This? wondrous
2576 Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right gastoriu
2577 When All Thy Mercies, O My God tallisor
2578 When Came in Flesh the Incarnate Word walsall
2579 When Christ Arose wcrarose
2580 When Christ Was Born in Bethlehem stsavior
2581 When Christmas Morn Is Dawning juldagsm
2582 When Christ's Appearance Was Made Known erhaltun
2583 When Descending from the Sky amstrdam
2584 When Each Others Face We See wheneach
2585 When from the East the Wise Men Came hopkins
2586 When Gathering Clouds Around I View melita
2587 When He Cometh whenheco
2588 When, His Salvation Bringing tours
2589 When I Can Read My Title Clear whenican
2590 When I Get to the End of the Way wigteotw
2591 When I Have Finished My Pilgrimage Here satsfida
2592 When I See My Savior wicmysav
2593 When I See the Blood whenisee
2594 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross hamburg
2595 When in the Night I Meditate maitland
2596 When Israel Out of Bondage Came gilmour
2597 When Israel Out of Egypt Went abschied
2598 When Israel Was in Egypt's Land godmoses
2599 When Jesus Comes in Glory chenies
2600 When Jesus Left His Father's Throne kingsfld
2601 When Love Shines In whenlove
2602 When Marshaled on the Nightly Plain crimea
2603 When Morning Gilds the Skies laudesdo
2604 When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies ststephn
2605 When My Love to God Grows Weak consecra
2606 When My Weary Hands Are Folded wmywharf
2607 When on My Day of Life flemming
2608 When Our Heads Are Bowed in Woe stprisca
2609 When Shades of Night Around Us Close stgall
2610 When the Battle's Over whenbatt
2611 When the Great Sun Sinks to His Rest stvenant
2612 When the Lord of Love Was Here armstron
2613 When the Mists Have Rolled Away whenmist
2614 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder rollcall
2615 When the Toils of Life Are Over newjerus
2616 When They Ring the Golden Bells whenthey
2617 When This Passing World Is Done mtzion
2618 When Thou, My Righteous Judge, Shall Come meribah
2619 When We All Get to Heaven heaven
2620 Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life germany
2621 Where He Leads Me wherehlm
2622 Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin? petrsbrg
2623 Where the Gates Swing Outward Never wheregat
2624 Where the Wrecks Wash In whertwwi
2625 Where'er His Creatures Gather chenies
2626 Wherefore Do the Nations Rage messiah
2627 While Life Prolongs Its Precious Light stcross
2628 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks xmas
2629 While the World Awaited cranham
2630 While Thee I Seek, Protecting Power simpson
2631 While with Ceaseless Course the Sun benevent
2632 Whispering Hope whisperh
2633 Whiter Than Snow whiterts
2634 Who Are These Like Stars Appearing allsaold
2635 Who at My Door Is Standing? whoatmyd
2636 Who Is He in Yonder Stall? whoishe
2637 Who Is on the Lord's Side? armagedd
2638 Who Is This of Whom Ye Tell? come_see
2639 Who Is This So Weak and Helpless eifionyd
2640 Who Is This That Comes from Edom edom
2641 Who Is Thy Neighbor dalehurs
2642 Who, O Lord, with Thee Abiding helen
2643 Who Will Go? whowillg
2644 Who Will Open Mercy's Door? wwopenmd
2645 Who Will Volunteer? whowillv
2646 Wholehearted Thanksgiving to Thee I Will Bring godglory
2647 Whole Wide for Jesus, The wholewid
2648 Whom Have I in Heaven? whomhave
2649 Whosoever Meaneth Me mcconnll
2650 Whosoever Will whosoevr
2651 Why Did the Nations Join to Slay manoah
2652 Why Do the Holy Angels Sing? wdangels
2653 Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends? dundee
2654 Why Do You Wait? whydoyou
2655 Why, Impious Herod, Shouldst Thou Fear stvenant
2656 Why Not Now? whynotnw
2657 Why Should Our Tears in Sorrow Flow grhpeace
2658 Will Jesus Find Us Watching? woodstok
2659 Will the Angels Come? willthea
2660 Will the Circle Be Unbroken? willthec
2661 Will There Be Any Stars? willther
2662 Will You Come? willucom
2663 Will You Go to Jesus Now, Dear Friend? willug2j
2664 Wilt Heden Nu Treden kremser
2665 Win Them One by One winthem1
2666 Winter in His Heart of Gloom jesredom
2667 Winter Reigns o'er Many a Region theodort
2668 Wir Glauben All' Einen Gott ratisbon
2669 Wise May Bring Their Learning, The xmasmorn
2670 With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh grachurc
2671 With Christ We Share a Mystic Grave hemsford
2672 With Glory Clad, with Strength Arrayed mendon
2673 With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring solidrok
2674 With Happy Voices Ringing tours
2675 With Joy We Hail the Sacred Day brown
2676 With One Consent, Let all the Earth bowen
2677 With Songs and Honors Sounding Loud bedford
2678 Within the Church's Sacred Fold kenilwor
2679 Within the Maddening Maze of Things song67
2680 Woman's Hymn, The italian
2681 Woe to the Men on Earth Who Dwell cheshire
2682 Wonderful Book wondbook
2683 Wonderful Grace of Jesus wonderfu
2684 Wonderful Peace (1) wonpeace
2685 Wonderful Peace (2) wondpeac
2686 Wonderful Savior wondsavr
2687 Wonderful Story of Love wonstory
2688 Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus neworlea
2689 Wonderful Words of Life wondword
2690 Won't Somebody Tell Them? wontsome
2691 Word Supreme, Before Creation tantergo
2692 Work, for the Night Is Coming worksong
2693 Work Must Go On, The workmust
2694 Workman of God nativity
2695 World Is Very Evil, The pearsall
2696 World Must Be Taken, The worldmbt
2697 World Within, The gerald
2698 Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness monsells
2699 Would Jesus Have the Sinner Die? euphony
2700 Wounded for Me wounded4
2701 Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem stfulber
2702 Ye Christian Heralds, Go Proclaim missionc
2703 Ye Clouds of Darkness, Hosts of Night wareham
2704 Ye Holy Angels Bright yeholyab
2705 Ye Must Be Born Again bornagai
2706 Ye Nations of the Earth, Rejoice duke_st
2707 Ye Neighbors and Friends of Jesus austriab
2708 Ye Ransomed Sinners, Hear lenox
2709 Ye Righteous, in the Lord Rejoice frances
2710 Ye Servants of God lyons
2711 Ye Servants of the Lord narenza
2712 Ye Shall Be My Witnesses yeshallb
2713 Ye Sons of Earth Prepare the Plough stjames
2714 Ye Thirsty for God lyons
2715 Ye Waiting Souls, Arise zebulon
2716 Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones lasstuns
2717 Yea, as I Live, Jehovah Saith stluke
2718 Year Is Gone, Beyond Recall, The tallisor
2719 Year Is Swiftly Waning, The devonshr
2720 Yes, I Know! yesiknow
2721 Yes, the Redeemer Rose lausdeo
2722 Yes, There Is Pardon for You yesthere
2723 Yesterday, Today, Forever nyack
2724 Yet There Is Room cantus
2725 Yield Not to Temptation yieldnot
2726 You Ought to Know Him youotkh
2727 Young Men and Maidens, Raise queenstr
2728 Your Harps, Ye Trembling Saints olmutz
2729 Your Mission beecher
2730 Zion, Founded on the Mountains caersalm
2731 Zion Stands by Hills Surrounded zion
2732 Zion's King Shall Reign Victorious austria

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