William of Orange

Air Protestant boys


Proudly march on, to the edge of the river,
The Protestant hosts, on the Twelfth of July;
For William of Orange has come to deliver
From prison the captives apointed to die!
And brave men, with hope,
See the slaves of the pope
Assembled to fight for the minion of France;
The sun sheds his glory
On men famed in story,
Who longed for this hour, and the watchword "advance".

Onward they go, as the music is pealing;
The drums cease to beat as they enter the Boyne,
Onward they go, with a confidence sealing
The doom of the foe, here in battle they join,
For God is their trust,
And the victory must,
Assuredly fall to the hosts of the Lord;
For Him they are fighting
His foes they are smiting
And never fail they who for Him draw the sword.

William leads on, like a Protestant hero;
While James slinks away from the hill of Donore,
Frightened to death by that "Lilliburlero."
That cheers on the men on the opposite shore
And, if ever again
The thing is to do
That was done that July
With Orange flag flying,
And on god relying,
Such music shall lead men to conquer or die!

Ours is the victory! Praise be to Heaven!
The banner of Orange waves over the field!
The fetters James forged have by William been driven;
And never to tyrants shall Williamites yield!
For they will maintain
On the land and the main
Against Papal legions, the Right and the True;
And with life, shall never
Surrender, for ever,
Their standard of freedom The Orange and Blue!

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