A Fine True-Hearted Protestant
Air - "A fine Old English Gentleman"
Loyal Heart The Orange Banner
A Loyal Protestant Lurgan Town The Orange Flag of Victory
A Pittance of time No Surrender The Orange Gathering Song
by Rev. Mr. Innis. (Air - "The British Grenadiers")
An Advice to Orangemen No Surrender
The Orange Institution
Armagh Brigade Old Orange Flute The Orange Lark
Battle of the Boyne
We're British and we're Free
Orange and Blue The Orange Lily,O!
Tune - "Green grow the rushes, o!"
Battle of the Diamond Orange Wings The Orange Maid of Sligo
Belfast Town People of the Shankill Road The Orange Plant
Black Knights Song No.1
Air - "Auld Lang Syne"
Poppy Fields The Orange Volunteers
by W. Bullock. Manchester
Black Knights Song No.2
Air - "The Battle of the Boyne"
Portadown The Orangeman
composed by Br. Rev. Dr. Drew
Black Knights Song No.3
Air - "Red White and Blue
Protestant Boys
by Rev. Mr. Innis. (Air - Lilliblleros.)
The Orangeman
By E. Harper
Black Knights Song No.4
Air - "Ivy Green"
PVT Billy McFadzean The Orangemans Friend
Bloody Road to the Somme Remembrance The Orangemen
Air - 'British Grenadiers'
Brave Orangemen Sandy Row The Orangemen of Crossmaglen
British Flag Sham Fight at Scarva, 13th July The Orangemen of Ireland
Tune - "The Old Orange Tree"
Build My Gallows Shutting the Gates of Derry The Purple Boy
Christmas 1914 Soldier in a station
by Harvey Andrews
The Relief of Derry
Christmas in the Trenches Sons, Whose sires with William Bled The Ride On The Goat
Daddies Uniform The 36th The Royal South Down Militia
Composed by Bro. Colonel R. H. Wallace, C.B., D.L.
Derry's Walls The Apprentice Boys of Derry The Sash My Father Wore
Dolly's Brae The Aughalee Heroes The Shepherd’s Boy
Eighteenth Of December
Tune - "Derry's Walls"
The Ballad of Drumcree The Siege of Drumcree
The Poppy Day Massacre
The Battle of Garvagh The Somme Battle Eve
Father's Advice The Battle of the Boyne The Victory of the Boyne
Air - "The Standard Bearer"
Fields Of Ulster The Black Man's Dream, A.D. 1795 Three Scottish Soldiers
Flower Of Ulster The Blackmans Making Song Tribute
90th Anniversary.
Gallant Clyde Valley The Boyne Water True Loyal Protestants
Green Fields of France The Boys of Sandy Row Two Hundred Thousand Orangemen Must Know the Reason Why
by E. Harper (Air - "The British Grenadiers")
Gunrunners The Crimson Flag of Derry Ulster My Home
Hands Across the Water The Green Grassy Slopes of the Boyne Ulster Rifleman
How Hackett Fell The Hills of Tandragee Ulster Story
King Billys on the Wall The Land of No Surrender Ulster Won't Die
King William For Ever The Landing at Torbay Village of Loughgall
King William III
Tune - "When the Kye came hame"
The Marksman Wake, Sons of William, Wake
Air - "La Belle Cathrine"
King William's Day
Air - "Chough and Crow"
Bro W. Archer
The Murder of McBriars
Air - "The Murder of McBriars
Waringsford Rising Star L.O.L. No. 545
Last War The Old Orange Flute Wee Spot In Europe
Lily Burlero The Orange Tree What are You?
Lisnagade The Orange A. B. C. William of Orange
Air - "The Protestant Boys"
Londonderry on the Foyle The Orange and Blue
Air - 'The Red, White and Blue'
Loyalist & Orange c.d's for sale

Loyalist & Orange c.d's for sale


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